Friday, August 31, 2007

Another August Over

It is so stinkin' hot outside, and I have a cold.

I saw the Nanny Diaries last night. With Jen. Melanie didn't come because it was the 10th anniversay of Princess Diana's death. Or maybe it was Joe and Melanie's 10th wedding anniversary? Whatever. Where are her priorities? I'll say it was worth it to watch the beautiful clothes and the amazing 5th Avenue apartment. I was confused at the end because I think they changed it significantly from the book. It has been a long time, though, and I don't really recall. They are perfectly welcome to change it, it certainly isn't great literature. Near the beginning I was distracted from the plot by Scarlett Johannson's banana clip!? Where do you even find that? Ebay?

The Nanny Diaries book: 6
I think there was some language and the main character is a bit trampy.

The Nanny Diaries movie: 5

I have changed my mind. I am ready to talk about the romances in my past. Just books, not boyfriends. Trust me, the books are more interesting. Stephanie Meyer's vampire romance novel, Twilight, has more sexual tension in its 400 pages than the sum of my hot-single-girl-about-town years. I don't think I am alone. What else can account can account for the bestseller status? I'll be honest. I read the first one almost without pause. I think her greatest skill is in writing romance without graphic sex. That must be hard to do, otherwise there would be more of it, eh? The writing is good enough it doesn't get in the way of the plot. I'll recommend it, because it is a fun, take it on your overseas flight sort of read. The second book, New Moon, was not as good as the first. Eclipse, the third, and last(?) book is out, but I haven't yet read it. Has anyone read it? Care to lend it to me?

Twilight: 7
New Moon: 6

Eclipse: I'll let you know

Pack meeting on Tuesday was a lively affair. Ross is a Wolf Cub Scout, and like other little boys, loves Pack meeting for all the patches and other dingleberries he receives that I get to sew/stick on his uniform. Treats were served on the south lawn of the Church building, and after a little socializing and foot racing it was time to go home. Unfortunately, Ross and few other Wolves, Bears, and Webelos were on the north side of the Church, playing with a baby rattlesnake. Are you kidding me?! The snake was redeposited in the desert by Brother Brooks and his leather gloves, no one had to go to the hospital, and Ross pronounced the whole scene "wicked awesome."

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melanie said...

okay... here are my comments.

1) Diana was a very important person in my life.

2) I happen to own a banana clip, and I wear it on special occasions.

3) Blogs make me feel bad.