Friday, January 11, 2008

Pandora's Doritos

It's only 10 am, but somebody has opened Pandora's giant Costco-sized bag of Doritos that were purchased especially for Ross' Pokemon Battle Revolution party this afternoon, and that somebody needs to control herself or she'll get a belly ache. As long as they sat unopened on the counter, things were fine. But now the bag is opened, and there is no way to get all chips back inside and reseal it (I guess I could try the foodsaver, but seems like lots of trouble, plus does not have same psychological barrier as original seal). So I think I'll put the Doritos in the garage, where it is frigidly cold (like 60 degrees). Then, if somebody opens the garage door to go out and eat Doritos, she will receive negative reinforcement in form of chilly blast of air to face. B.F. Skinner says this operant conditioning should help her to stop scarfing the Doritos. But might it backfire? Perhaps whenever she hears garage door open she will begin to heavily salivate like one of Pavlov's dogs. Is deep scientific conundrum.

I put a new blog header on yesterday. Those are Sam's feet on Christmas Eve, as photographed by SIL Jane. I'm also trying out some new blog names. This first one is a play on our last name, plus a quote from The Office:

Jan : "Dwight’s name is on the security sign-in sheet, but I don’t know who he met with, and where it asks you to state your business he wrote, 'Beeswax Not Yours, Inc.'”


Jolene said...

Kelly B - I love the new header AND the new name. We say that all the time at our house. We are Office lovers.

"What are you doing?"

"Beeswax - not yours"

P.S. I never buy chips that I like - you will never see a big bag of ruffles around this house. But if I had one - I would probablly put it in the laundry room because I have been pretty good at avoiding that place lately.

jt said...

His shoelaces were great, so full of character, just like him.

I share your love of doritos. i just can't even buy 'em unless I'm expecting a bunch of Beesons here at the ranch.

i've got a folder full of pics, remind me next time you are here and i'll burn a cd.

Gini said...

Happy Birthday to Ross... what a happy day that was and what a cute baby he was ( and IS!!).. good job!!

Todd Taylor said...

We should rename the company, Beezwax, Not Yours INC. (Property Mgmt)