Monday, January 14, 2008

Live from New York...Thursday Night

Only 2.5 hours in and already shaping up to be great trip. First thing, we saw John Denver in Terminal 2 at Sky Harbor and he tried to chat us up (Who wouldn't? We are some fine foxy ladies.) He had some sort of Northern European accent, which didn't fool us at all. He seemed very worried that the Louis Vuittons (both the real one and the fake one) would get nicked from the baggage carousel at our destination. He said it in a friendly, not shifty, way, but I'm totally on to you, John Denver. You just got tired of singing Rocky Mountain High and moved to Norway.

Our Continental 757-800 airliner is equipped with individual seat back screens on which I have already viewed the Jane Austen Book Club. I can watch movies or play games as I please (On-demand). Plus, this flight, listed as ‘snack’, was actually ‘lunch’, and my seat has its very own power outlet. We won’t get nit picky about actual edibility of food. Twas the thought that counts, Continental.

I slipped on my flip flops to take Sam to preschool this morning, then got busy and forgot to change them out before I left. I should be okay, right? Forecast called for possible flurries, but I hope I will only look ridiculous, and not lose any toes to frostbite.

Plan is: land Newark, drop stuff off, then Carnegie Deli for giant piles of pastrami.

Jen said I’m not allowed to reveal some of the many places on our eating itinerary (which she typed and printed in triplicate but did not laminate as rumor had it) because the premeditated gluttony is too embarrassing to put on World Wide Web. Plus I’m not allowed to blog about tranny air waitress(es) (there is possibly more than one, and to be fair, possibly none at all. Jen says the jury’s still out.) I am feeling uncomfortable with these limits on my civil liberties. Maybe when they catch sight of the Statue of Liberty they will have a change of heart.
Until then, enjoy the pictures up top of me with some Carnegie deli cheesecake, and Jen with some sort of chocolate peanut butter concoction which included mousse and 5th avenue candy bars. MMMMM. Might need tums...


jt said...

Yea for blogging while traveling. We get to go with you. sort of.

oh, yes. you get really "stopped" up from eating all that restaurant food. Be sure to get some fruit somewhere, or you'll be buying some metamucil for dessert at that local drugstore chain. I forgot the name of it, Duanes? .. but you'll know it when you need some R-O-L-A-I-D-S. Have a great trip!

Jenni said...

YUM!!! Looks good! You guys will have so much fun---enjoy!

Gini said...

Thanks for the show tickets here tomorrow night.. can't wait to go. I'll be thinking of you at a show on Broadway!!

Lizzie said...

Looks like fun, and that cheesecake looks yummy!