Friday, January 18, 2008


Today was day we set aside for ogling things in 5th Avenue windows. Our hotel is right in the thick of it. Spent some time in Saks, Gap, and 2 hours in the Nike Store.

I'm totally lying about the Nike store. We practically jogged past it on our way to the diamond district. Which is awesome. I might have little bruises on my forehead from bonking my head on the windows while trying to get a better look at the enormous pretty jewels.

Dinner was 5:45 Asia de Cuba. We had dumplings 2 ways, coconut shrimp with black bean dip, jalepeno mayo, and something else (was mildly life changing), and some chicken with Thai sticky rice and guacamole stuff, and string beans, and mashed potatoes with lobster and other stuff mashed in there. All delicious. Then came the sustainable Chilean sea bass that was practically raw and one bite made me gag a little bit. Still, the other stuff made up for it.

Cab to Times Square to look for Duane Reade drug store (it used to be there). Very cold, and hair super static-y crazy.

8:00 Legally Blonde. Favorite part: song called Is He Gay or European? (SPOILER ALERT: Turns out he's both) and also when entire cast begins to Riverdance.

Dessert: Serendipity Frozen peanut butter hot chocolate. Why didn't somebody tell me about the peanut butter sooner!

Hope my pants will go up past my knees tomorrow!


P&M CLAN said...

Sounds like your having fun and eating some pretty tasty foods! How much are the fake coach purses there? Smaller than the one I have? If there not to expensive pick me up one and i'll pay you back (if you come across some). Thanks, Melissa

Hailey said...

I'm so jealous right now I might cry. And what am I jealous of? Oh, the food, always the food...