Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hiking around this big, frozen apple in tall shoes

Some pics from yesterday:
Me at the Met (Temple of Dendur)
Tea at the Peninsula (American Express card: your gateway to free tea! Chamomile and scones and clotted cream and tarts and sandwiches!)

Jen trying to make some new best friends in the diamond district. She couldn't decide what to try on first.
Oh. And did not get picture of Paula Deen from cooking network in One if by land, Two if by Sea at dinner last night. Had Beef Wellington. (Me, not Paula). Jen said was possibly not Paula, but I think it was. Like 80% sure was Ms. Deen. Lady had southern accent. Was not with her two sons, as far as I could see.

11:00 Brunch: Eggs Benedict

12:30 Church Manhatten 8th Ward (Singles)

2pm Speech and Debate: Like 40 people fit into this tiny theater. The girl who played Diwata was SOO great and funny.

4:15 Little Pie Co.: Mississippi mud pie and key lime were very memorable. Rachel Ray told us to go to this little midtown gem.

6:30 Mary Poppins: was VERY impressive. Wished the kids were here to see it (first time I have wished that this trip). The New Amsterdam Theater is so beautiful. I think we saw 42nd Street there 3 years ago?

10:00 Tao 2 story buddha, Japanese pinball above toilets, and best egg roll I have ever eaten in all my years (all 23 of 'em).

Too tired to blog effectively. Today was COLD. Temp felt like teens, and I spent whole day in church clothes with 3 inch stiletto boots (looking like hot and sassy urbanite). Buns still numb from all the sitting and also possibly still frozen in manner of bunsicles.


JT said...

I loved Mary Poppins too. I posted some pics of your kids on my blog. Jane was wearing her shirt that says New York, London etc. She said that you should have borrowed it and circled New York for your trip. Would have looked nice with your tall boots.

Gini said...

Dang... you didn't get me an autograph then of Paula Deen.. she owes me one for taking her magazine. Did she have lots of butter on her plate?

Jenni said...

OMG---you guys have gotta be having a blast!!! SO much fun!

♥Brookie♥ said...

How was your trip Kelly? I hope it was fun.
Brookie taylor