Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cobbler Quandry

Can peach cobbler count as dinner if we eat edamame with it? I only have a certain amount of energy I'm willing expend cooking tonight, and I need to make the cobbler before the peaches are bad. (It may already be too late.) Edamame is very, very healthy, and the cobbler will be full of healthy fruit as well (among other things). My Aunt Ardy would have given me the green light for sure. She had all sorts of theories and strong feelings about pie. Cobbler is very similiar to pie.

On the other hand, this is just the sort of thing the children will remember when they grow up.

"Ross," 20-year-old Jane will say, "remember how Mom would sometimes make us cobbler for dinner?"

"Yeah," replies 22-year-old Ross, "She would give us some jive about all the fruit in it. Healthy, my arse. I remember she made us eat it all the time."

"I think it was just that once. September 11, 2007. Wasn't there some edamame involved?" 18-year-old Sam asks.

"No!" Jane exclaims.

"No way!" Ross concurs. "Just dessert for dinner, pretty much every night of our young lives. I remember it clearly. It lies at the root of all my problems."

Sam states matter-of-factly: "It was very tasty, though. Made from fresh peaches, even. You both liked it enormously."

"I don't remember cobbler or edamame" frets 15-year-old Tom.

"Trust us, Tom," Jane says soothingly. "We remember. Don't try to rationalize it, Sam. It was unconscionable behavior. When I have kids, everything will be organic, free range, hormone and sugar free. Just watch!"

"Ah, yes. I'm beginning to remember all the cobbler now," concedes Sam. "But my problems stem from the fact that she made me grow my hair too long and moussed and gelled and diffused me every day. Not so much from the cobbler. Certainly, though, it couldn't have helped."

The little ingrates: Jane, Ross, and Sam on the first day of school, August 8, 2007.

They don't deserve to share my cobbler.


JT said...

you have to write a book, or at least get this blog bound. so funny.

Lizzie said...

I am laughing so hard! You need to be a journalist or something...Too bad it took you so long to get started! But you are making up lost time.

Shannon said...

So cute! I now may know each of the kids true personalities through the Commentating! haha

Oh and the Gel on curly hair....A MUST!!
Gorgeous kids kelly and super fun blog to check out! Thanks

P&M CLAN said...

Kelly, you are so funny! I enjoy reading your blogs. In fact I make sure Pete reads them too!

Kelly said...

The Cobbler was very yummy. I felt like Joey on friends: peaches: Good! Dough: Good! Cinnamon: Good!
That Cobbler probably got me to take the kids to school and do the laundry for a couple of days.

Jake Beeson said...

That last comment was from Me, Jake. Not kelly commenting on her own cobbler. I guess I used my old login name. . .