Friday, September 07, 2007

Birthiversary Picture, Charlie Brown Martin, and Some Serious Carousing

This morning I sent Jake an email and asked him to send a picture of me he took with his cell phone at my Birthiversary dinner (I got married on my 23rd birthday, so that means I will forever have been married 6 wonderful years). I wanted to add it to my profile, so you can all see how incredibly good-looking I am (that is a Zoolander reference, not just horrible vanity). So he sends over this:

and then this:

before he finally sent me the picture you see on your top right. (The tiger one is actually a fair likeness of me from about 7-8 am, while trying to get everyone ready for school). But I don't need this kind of hassling. I think he might have some repressed anger because I commandeered his blog. Jake, is it too much to ask for a picture in which my hair is brushed and there isn't any visible food on my shirt? Is it?

Baby Charlie is still on oxygen, but they switched his Doc from the Neonatologist to the regular pediatrician, so that sounds like good news. Jen is getting released today, but the baby will stay until at least Monday. I still haven't seen him because nobody but the parents are allowed in the nursery, and he's not allowed out.

I picked up Jen's other sons, Jack and Will, from school Wednesday. They both told me, with absolute certainty, that the baby's middle name is Brown. Now, although Brown is a family name (Grandpa Taylor's Mother was Ruby Brown Taylor), I told them it was unlikely the baby's name is Charlie Brown Martin. Those boys were willing to put money on it. Jen said she might have led them to believe this, but his real middle name is James (a Martin family name). Jack and Will are going to be disappointed when I come to get their money. A bet is a bet.

I am still recovering from the serious carousing I did last night. Melanie and I went to 1st Grade Curriculum Night over at Noah Webster Basic School. I knew things were gonna get wild when Mel shows up wearing a banana clip (for the benefit of me and all my blog readers). Melanie was able to use her wiles (the same ones she used on the usher at the Gin Blossoms concert in 1993) to score us some backstage passes to the after-party from Kelly Wade (the Principal). Or maybe we went to On the Border and ate fish tacos. Either way, I know I came home reeking of rum (from the Orbitz gum in Mint Mojito flavor I used to mask my cilantro breath) at way past 9 o'clock.

Here are some photos from the last big Noah Webster event: The awards assembly in May. Both Ross and Jane (and Collin!) got medals for staying on the First Honor Roll all year. This is to prove we've got a bunch of smarties over here.

Jane (still healing from her treadmill accident)

Collin and Jane

Mrs. M, Mrs. Blatter, Collin and Jane

Ross (center), with friends Tanner W. and Matthew

Mrs. Nesheim and Ross


Ally Tay. said...

Good job ross and jane! MY blog is! Glad to see ya blogging!

melanie said...

that tiger picture is an incredible likeness!

Jen said...

Melanie really wore a banana clip to curriculum night? She's awesome.