Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Coldplay is driving me bonks

I've got nothing against Coldplay. I love coldplay. That's how it began.

Since Sam causes the most trouble in the car, and since Sam won't listen to anything else, we listen to Coldplay quite a lot. You might think, "that's not so bad. Think of all your choices: 3 studio albums, a live album, a singles compilation, E.P.s. You could get from here to Mexico without having to listen to the same song twice!" WRONG! Just try to sneak A Rush of Blood to the Head, or even worse, Parachutes, into the CD changer and you get:

"NO! I want the REAL Coldplay!"

The real Coldplay is X&Y. We all know it by heart.

Our Coldplay dilemma really started back in the early 90s. When we first started dating, Jake and I had so much in common: Matthew Sweet, The Connells, The Gin blossoms, Pet Shop Boys, The Cars...I did step aerobics to the Utah Saints and Information Society. Jake knew all the words to James Taylor and Bread. But the older we get, the more our tastes diverge.

See, I'm a little bit folksy, he's a little bit techno 'n' house. We always had these tendencies, but they have grown larger as we grow more crotchety, inflexible, and set in our ways.

I have become increasingly hypersensitive to noise. It isn't quiet around here, and I need music that will calm me, and the four smaller Beesons, down. Way down. Sometimes I can't even stand drums or an electric guitar. Sometimes, I would prefer it if the vocalist would hum, or even better, stop singing and play a harp. Sometimes, Simon and Garfunkel's Wednesday Morning, 3 am is more than I can handle. I just need the Sounds of Silence. Coldplay is like musical Valium, and it comes in flavors for kids.

Jake likes to listen to dance music because he says it calms him down and "beats back the voices in his head." http://diversifiedbeeson2.blogspot.com/2007/09/diversified-thoughts.html Techno makes me feel like four diet cokes before bed: anxious and uncomfortable.

These days, we have Coldplay in common. And John Mayer, sorta. A few others.

So Sam was inadvertently over-exposed to Coldpay at a highly sensitive age. We pay the price for this bit of poor parenting every day.

I heard that Coldplay is in the studio finishing up the new album, which we all fervently hope is entitled "Songs that will Hypnotize Sam in the Blue Honda Minivan."

In my next installment, I will delve into "Jane and Jewel: how it has all gone awry!"

Happy Birthday, MOM!


Shawna said...

Try Ben Lee. He is mellow and upbeat and I love him.

Jake Beeson said...

Please don't forget to include the suggestive Jewel lyrics that Jane knows. You know, the ones about the girls that say 'yes you can. . .'

bionictrout said...

Thank goodness for the Shrek 2 soundtrack...

Lizzie said...

I think I have heard Jane sing Jewel from the back of your van...pretty funny

Shannon said...

That's funny, my daughter is 2 1/2 and loves to listen to Fergie's "big girls don't cry" and sadly she knows the words!