Friday, September 28, 2007

Nothing to see UPDATE!

It has been one week since I blogged my to-do list of 9 items.

Here is what I have accomplished:

1. I went to see the eye doc.
I got new contacts but my left eye is still a slacker. So far I have avoided the pirate patch. Yo-ho, yo-ho, no pirate's life for me. Not yet.

4. Signed Ross Up for Nerd class.
I sent in the application, but I don't check the mail, so I have nothing new to report on this one.

5. Filled up my Tivo box.
I recorded the shows, but I can't seem to watch them. I've watched so little TV for so long, I'm out of shape. No stamina. I need to stop reading, blogging, cleaning, mothering, and focus on the mindless TV. Build up my tolerance.

6. Babysat Logan, human Swiffer.
If you know me very well, you know I didn't let him eat off the floor. I actually swept and even mopped the floor of all the breakfast food before he came over. If you know me VERY,VERY well, you'll know that there were quite a lot of the previous night's dinner bits that needed sweeping as well.

8. Blamed flood in yard on nice neighbors.
Well, I peered over the fence and did some sleuthing. The neighbors' yard was wet as well. In my mind, case solved! My plan: Send Jake over with some cookies and ask them to turn down the H2O. But no, Jake goes and buys dirt (from the dirt store, Sam says) to try to fill the lake. Lake turns into mud bog, then refills. Water is now running out into the road. Then, on the Sabbath, the water magically recedes. A dove appears. Wait, no dove. Still, for now, the flood is over. Magically resolved itself. Plus, the truckload of dirt probably helped, because that was a very low spot in the yard. I also learned Jake might be nicer than I am. He was in no hurry to harass the neighbors.

Above: Ross helping Jake unload all the dirt on Saturday morning. He looks deceptively cheerful in the picture.

Here is what hasn't been accomplished:

2. I couldn't eat half a sheet cake.
I ate two pieces. I gave some to the kids. Kids made scary chocolate mess. Sent the rest home with the babysitter Friday night.

3. I Didn't call the exterminator.
I think the bugs are smart and read my blog, because they have been laying low for a few days. That's the main reason I haven't called. Plus, I'm still paranoid about the poison. All that bravado about 'nature must die' was a little bit of a show. What I really wanted was for nature to GO AWAY. But it didn't. The bugs are BACK. Even Tommy is going around the house with his tiny shoe in his hand, w the tile and saying, "O-O-O-ucky!" He's got quick reflexes for a 16-month-old. He smashed a cricket that was a slow because it only had one leg. That was one more leg than he had when Tommy was done with him. He can also usually get anything that is stuck on its back, flailing. The hand to hand combat going on over here is ugly and violent, but it does seem more humane than chemical weapons. I think that's the UN's take on it, too.

Above right: Jane likes to steal the camera and take weird pictures. In this one she is holding a cricket.
Above Left: Tommy in the swing. Is this the face of a killer?

7. I Haven't hidden the books I'm hoarding in the back of the van.
First, I needed to make room for them in the office shelves. So I went through all the bookshelves and made a big pile of books to go to D.I. Jake asked if I was feeling well, this was so out of character. Then I thought, "someone I know might want to read these!" So I took pictures of them and put them on my blog, hoping to find good and loving homes for some of them. Some of them are trashy and don't deserve good homes. I just can't remember which ones those might be. Then, Jake asks if I am running a shelter for books. Which, apparently, I am. So there isn't any room yet inside the house for Dick's books. They are still in the van. Said van has a button I can push that gives me my average gas mileage. I have been getting about 1.5 MPG less than I did before I started driving around town with all the books.

9. There is no homemade bread in the freezer.
Donna Reed doesn't live here.


Hallett Family said...

Kelly I love your blog! when you make that bread don't forget to bring us some. Heather

Jen said...

You know I'm disturbed about Jane holding crickets and Tommy maming them. It isn't right. Don't involve the children in what should be a professional's job. Perhaps I will surprise you with chemical weapons, er... pest control.