Thursday, September 27, 2007

Office Swag

If you like The Office, you'll want to go to Target and get yourself a mug that says "World's Best Boss," or post-its that proclaim "The Schrutes have very thirsty babies." They have them in the dollar bins in the front of the store. Or they did until I cleaned them out. You might still be able to get a memo cube that informs us that Dwight is "faster than 90% of all snakes", or a magnet that says: "This is an environment of welcoming, and you should just get the heck (I replaced the explative, this is a family blog) outta here."

I can't wait for tonight! The episode is "Fun Run." Michael thinks the office is cursed.
Please feel free to put your favorite Office quotes in the comments area below :)


Lizzie said...

I am not good with quotes, but my favorite episode was when Jim was faxing Dwight with his own letter head from the future telling him that the coffee was poisened and things like that. Hilarious! Our ward is having an office premier party tonight at a member of the Bishopric's house. I hope it's not raunchy tonight...

Lizzie said... I was kinda disappointed (sp?) I have seen much funnier episodes

Brett & Shireen said...

I liked last night's quote... when Michael said he puked his guts out, but at least he didn't puke his heart out. I am sure that was "off", but close enough??

Jolene said...

Kelly B - you are so welcome on my blog - is it okay if I link you? I already made myself a pest on your blog without your permission. I planned on posting about your wonderful brownies that I stole the recipe off of your blog - all of this without your permission. I think I have probably broken all kinds of blog etiquette!

I really did have to go to the nurse - she was laughing so hard at me. She said she gives them out almost everyday - just not usually to grown women.

I forgot all about that Jacques Pepin book - I have been tempted to come over and get some of your other books anyway. I know Alan would die if I brought home more books. We have been moving my mom and I have been bringing home boxes and boxes of books. Tomorrow is the D.I. Pod at the church and I am really going to try and take some of them over there.

Kelly said...

I don't know if it is good blog etiquette to comment on my own blogs, but thanks to for these quotes from last night:

Angela:Any Problems?
Dwight: Well, you left your TV on. And Your cat is dead.

Dwight: She's in a better place. Actually, the place that she's in is the freezer. Because of the odor.

Angela: I have this crazy thought, that I know is crazy, that maybe Dwight killed my cat.

Angela: When I got home, Sprinkles’ body was in the freezer, where Dwight said he left her, but all my bags of frozen french fries had been clawed to shreds!