Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I'm a Fresh & Easy girl (not a post about my singleton years)

Uh-oh. Am out of milk again. I guess I'll have to go back to Fresh & Easy.
Conveniently located on northwest corner of Crismon and Guadalupe, within walking distance of my house, a little bit of imported British bliss from the people that brought me Tesco (where Jake got about a hundred different candy bars on our London trip last summer), the Fresh and Easy is chock full of fun and sorta healthy foods you cannot get at the CVS, F&E's neighbor to the south. There are cactus leaves for stir-frying and Armenian string cheese. They have Nutella on an end-cap, to make me feel as if I'm shopping amongst like-minded, hazelnut-loving people. Do you know what Nutella tastes good with? EVERYTHING! But especially bananas and animal crackers! 

They have a vast, dizzying, and honestly, almost stupefying selection of dairy products, including Parma Butter. Apparently, when the Parmesano Reggiano cheese people are through with the milk portion, the cream is then made into butter and shipped off to suburban America, for us to spread on our toast, to add another dimension to our daydreaming that we are on a Roman minibreak. (C'mon, it can't be just me?)

It also totally doesn't hurt that they keep giving me 6$ coupons and free flowers in manner of a romantic courting lover. ("Oh, Fresh and Easy, you shouldn't have!" I giggle insincerely.) I already have tulips and tiny pink roses, but I have my eye on some sunflowers. There are also primo parking spots reserved for alt fuel cars or energy efficient cars or something (always empty, as far as I've seen. Do you think all my kids can squeeze into a smart car like circus clowns?) The whole experience gives me a fabulous euro-feeling like going to Ikea, only without the nasty meatballs and cardboard furniture to dampen my spirits. Although, let's be honest: ain't nothing wrong with lingonberry pop. It is quite refreshing.

I am not 100% sold on Fresh and Easy. There is no on-site butcher, so the meat might be EASY, but maybe not so FRESH. Gives me willies, a little. And apparenly, TESCO:England:: Wal-Mart:America. Cheap, but often reviled. Still, I've been to Wal-Mart, and the F&E seems to be trying WAY harder to look healthy. Tesco never did anything to me except provide me with a wide variety of delicious chocolate bars. I refuse to get all politically worked up. I'll leave that to the Iowans this week.

At this moment, a Fresh and Easy cheese pizza is in the oven, which is not frozen but instead FRESH and EASY, and which I will top with some fresh Basil I picked up there for New Year's Eve Tomato Soup. When we moved in 6.5 years ago, there was nothing out here. We couldn't even cajole Dominos or Pizza Hut to deliver a pizza to our house in this Phoenix backwater. Look at us now, with our Wal-Mart (terrible, but sure sign of encroaching civilization), an Imax movie theater, Crazy Sub, Fresh and Easy, and the foundation for our very own In-N-Out already poured. We'll be rolling in burgers by Spring! (More daydreaming).

I do realize that I am an embarrassing smug married suburban housewife, and this excitement over proximity to big box and fast food chain stores is probably both boring and horrifying you, gentle reader, at the same time.

The Fresh and Easy isn't big box or fast food. It is small box, and quick food. Maybe not high culture, but Euro-Wal-Mart is as close to highbrow as we will likely get on the corner of Guadalupe and Crismon (no, that isn't spelled wrong). So I will savor it, unapologetically. Plus, I do need milk. Tommy will get very crabby without his milk.

Has your Fresh & Easy opened yet? What did you think? Someone want to pick a fight with me about being a crappy citizen of the world by frequenting this place? Bring it on!


Allygirl said...

I've been dying to go inside...without I can persuse the aisles in peace and quiet. How are you getting $6 coupons and flowers? Am I missing something?? Anyway, your post has made me resolve to visit the place asap.

erin said...

Ok, so I passed by that Fresh and Easy at least ten times while in AZ and wondered what it was all about... I thought it was an all organic store or something. haha. Thanks for enlightening me! It was great seeing you guys the other night!

jt said...

We are getting one soon, at the corner of McKellips and Stapley. I'll report on what I find then.

Brigham said...

There was supposed to be one opening up within walking distance from our house awhile ago. Tesco sent out a postcard advertising the features and benefits (quite dim compared to your rant). The very same day a post card with some petition against Tesco came that said that some managers of some Tesco joints in Britain were selling alcohol to minors. Who knew there were drinking laws in Great Britain?

Gini said...

I read that same article about them selling alcohol to minors. Hmmm.. I'm anxious to see one too but I'm more interested in the new In-N-Out by your house. IS it walking distance???

tatum said...

I have been going there nearly everyday. They keep giving me those $6 coupons so I spend thirty dollars a day, I get $6 off. They expire on the 9th. I Love it! I prefer to buy only organic; which they have a lot of, but then they've also got Oreos! Sprouts doesn't have that. Love that it is so dang close!

Kelly said...

Sorry, been offline for Molly's wedding. Today is cleanup day. Allygirl, I've been shopping mostly at night. Maybe they only give away the flowers at the end of the day, before the expire? Brigham,they must have been offering vodka in 2 ounce baby bottles again. Gini, the Innnout is over at Signal Butte and Baseline, so it is the perfect walking distance if you want to work off you burger on the way home. 2+ miles. Tatum, maybe I'll see ya there! I have to go to the Bashas this morning, though, to buy the stuff for Jake's birthday cake: White cake with caramel pecan frosting (like goes on a german chocolate cake. It is weird.