Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Letter from card-carrying member of Septimus Hodge fan club

My dear Septimus,

Democracy, I hope it ain't.

I just couldn't help myself. I bought tickets to Rock 'n' Roll, the Tom Stoppard play about communists and hippies. Once I found out the lead actor is you, Rufus Sewell (A Knight's Tale, Legend of Zorro, Amazing Grace, The Illusionist, The Holiday), the very same fella who played Septimus Hodge in Arcadia back in 1993, it was all over.  I found myself unable to resist your highbrow seduction. Now I'm just waiting for the file folders to drop. (Although, might perhaps be a very good play, as you are obviously brooding, handsome devil and not John Boy Walton.) If it is terrible in manner of Democracy, and am burned again, my highbrows might be singed completely off, and will then be entirely browless. That could be very unattractive.

As a sort of middlebrow back-up plan, I also bought tickets to: Legally Blonde, Speech and Debate, Mary Poppins, and Alter Boyz (off Broadway musical about Christian boy band. There is very little to see on Broadway on a Monday night, so will deny responsibility to family if is horrible mistake similar to Crazy for You).

Septimus, sometimes it is very hard to be such huge, enormous nerd trapped inside this smokin' hot fox's body. (Well, might be said fox if my treadmill wasn't busted, or I did a little more yoga). You can understand. We are misunderstood. 

P.S. Why are you acting like an aging Czech Communist in Rock 'n' Roll, when I need you to help me with some maths in the hermitage?

Love, Kelly (er, Thomasina Coverly)


Joe said...


P&M CLAN said...

you think he's hot? In the holiday I thought he was ugly! Maybe it depends on the roll he's playing.

Jolene said...

I think he is foxy. This weekend we watched Amazing Grace on DVD and the Legend of Zorro on TNT - I didn't even know he was in that! So tomorrow, when all of my kids are back in school, I am going to watch the Holiday and make it the Rufus Sewell tri-fecta!

I can't wait to hear about all of your good times in NYC!

Kelly said...

hehe. Joe tells it straight. I'll try not be so odd for a week or so. I can't promise after that.

Hailey said...

He was also in Cold Comfort Farm. You MUST rent that one.

I have always wanted to see Arcadia. I hear it's A-mazing.

Also, did you know that two boys from BYU were in the original cast of Altar Boyz, and at least one more was an understudy. I'm not sure about the current cast...