Monday, January 07, 2008

Back at it

Got up this rainy crack-o-dawn (about ten after seven) to rouse children used to sleeping til 9. 
Vacation is over. The first week off school I spent in wallowing in frustration over not being able to accomplish anything or go anywhere with 4 children in tow and all around, making messes wherever they went. The second week, Tommy began to sleep in, and I got into the spirit of the season: sleep til 9, stay in bed reading books til 10, eat til 11. Back in bed for Tommy's nap. Stuck religiously to special diet in which I consumed only treats kind neighbors brought to front door, including lotsa fudge. (Surprisingly, diet proved ineffective for weight loss.)

Thursday night, Jake's little sister Molly got married, and Friday was the reception. So we had to rejoin the world. (Happy to do it, Molly and Todd. Really.) Was very nice to see relatives in actual instead of cyber space. The kids had a great time (bounce houses wonderful idea for reception), and Sammy was even 'flower guy' and had his own corsage. I started taking crappy pictures with my cell phone, then looked over and saw sisters-in-law Jane and Melissa with their fancy cameras taking fancy pictures, and realized I could steal some for myself right offa their blogs, so go there to see us in all our gussied-up glory. We Beesons clean up nice.

Saturday was Jake's birthday, which is always a treat because now he has to lay off calling me his 'old lady' until July, when he again starts pretending to defer to me, out of sarcastic respect for his elder. (I am 5.5 months older than he.) I guess I deserve it. He WAS still a high schooler when I met him, whilst I was great and wise freshman UofA coed, out in front yard trolling for impressionable boys, er, washing my car.

So now, we are back to real life. Kids off to school. Every single Christmas decoration down (tree had to come down long ago because I had grown weary of Tommy's reign of terror). Even got up early enough today to make oatmeal and orange julius from actual oranges for breakfast. Tommy staged sit-in in his high chair, refused to get out until he'd finished all the juice in the house. I predict 50% chance of explosive diarrhea before noon. 

Oh, wait. I think I smell something now.

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JT said...

We had the poopy results of too many oranges here too. Flaming red bottoms are no fun!