Thursday, September 30, 2010

And the next time I end up with six other people in a two-man tent, I'm leaving my Nanette Lepore heels in the limo.

So this weekend we went on a scavenger hunt. It was to raise money for House of Refuge, a program that provides transitional housing for homeless families out at the old Williams AFB (now ASU East). It is a great program, and Jake is on the board, so we showed up.

I'm so glad we did.
It was seriously fun.

First we met Mike. He was our driver, and had been on a few of these things before. Plus he knew his way around Tempe. This was very helpful. Especially since the tint on the back windows, which keeps the deadly carcinogenic rays of our desert sun (and the paparazzi) out of the smooth, unblemished faces of the rich and famous during the day, makes it nearly impossible to see out at night.

There we are. The brain trust. The beau monde. Just another Mensa field trip with our good friends Susette and Brent (center), and Susette's brother Elijah and his new bride, Hilaree.

Right out of the gate, Hilaree wins us like 10 points for molesting this crustacean inside a Fry's grocery.
Back in the car, I used my wide, but also deep, knowledge of everything there is to know, to answer trivia questions. (Special thanks to google, and my trusty ipad.)

What? Haven't you ever seen 6 swanky-lookin' Mormons and their limo driver in a two-man tent inside an REI before?

We bought this cute ASU student some dessert and sang to him on his 'birthday'. Since it was Thai food, he had some sort of rice pudding, instead of cake.

Found some ASU fans on their way out of the big game. (5 points). And by big game, I mean, I don't have any idea who they were playing. (Was it UofA? Go Wildcats!)

And then we had to sing with a piano player at a piano (15 points), and since we don't know nearly as much as we should about the inside of bars in Tempe, we headed over to the Institute building. Where we found a nice girl to play us some Billy Joel. But wait, Jake didn't get her in the photo!
Well, he got her, but not us.
Brent flipped some burgers over to the Chuckbox on University. If you know the Chuckbox, you will not be surprised that they let random people into the kitchen to play with the food. Tasty burgers, though.
The chief let us take some photos on the fire truck, for another 10 points.
And the lady at the front desk at the ER at St. Luke's was kind enough to outfit us with gowns, masks, and gloves for another 15.
Finally, there there was some more dress-up at the Circle K at University and Rural...
Where this photo was taken by a tranny with vitiligo. I'm not lying to you.

Well, we didn't win. I'm not sure how this is possible, with the dream team we'd assembled. But we did get like 6 different kinds of chocolate dessert, which is prize enough for me.

Maybe we'll win the trip next year.

Who's in?


Kimberly said...

OMG Kelly you have a way with words. I am laughing which isn't such a great thing right now since I hurt my back and one of the reasons I couldn't take part with you in the fun. I would love to do it next year.

Kimberly said...
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Barbaloot said...

We are totally doing a similar activity for our singles' ward FHE in a couple weeks. I feel validated for the idea now that I've seen you did it. Except, we're making people provide their own transportation...

Looks like fun.

And wasn't that restaurant featured on Man vs. Food?

Beeswax said...

I was wondering where you were, Kim! Jake didn't know. U missed a good time, and you coulda kept up. Your back and my shoes!

And Barbaloot- we were thinking the same thing. Jeans and some 12 passenger vans would work, too.

And I don't know about Man Vs. Food. No cable. Dangit.

Reid and Christine Family said...

Those ASU fans (the cute family) used t live in our ward (just 1 street away). What a small world!! That is sooo funny!!

Jenni said...

This looks like so much fun! I have to know where you got your's so freakin cute! Is it from Anthropologie?

Claire said...

Surely you should have received extra points for having the tranny with vitiligo, take your photograph?