Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Does my baby look like James Bond?

So every time I think of something super important I want to put on my blog, like how the family in the pew behind us at Church said Joey looks like a baby Daniel Craig:

(I'm dying to know what you think),
or how it is only 80 degrees outside, or how I washed down my family room walls this morning because they were covered in kid slime (was mostly dirt, but also snot and food), I think, I should write that down, but first, I should put up some pictures of Italy, so everyone doesn't think I made it all up and really went to Las Vegas to get plastic surgery (I hear that's a thing).  But really, I don't like messing with pictures (ones not already on my computer or the internet). 

Instead, I'd like to tell you how I saw the movie Anonymous last night, and liked it in spite of poorish reviews, because c'mon, of COURSE I'm going to like it. They had me at everybody being upholstered in brocade. Plus, it starred Spike from Notting Hill. Only I didn't recognize him without his goggles, and with his pants. But Jake did. He says he'd know Spike anywhere.

 And Spike was married to Emily, Ross Geller's British second wife, who is still as uptight as ever.  I should warn you that the whole thing is completely fabricated. It has no basis in actual history except that Queen Elizabeth had red hair, liked plays, and had a hard time keeping her throne away from her sister Mary and the rest of the Scottish Tudors. Also, since I'm warning you,  I should tell you that I was digging in my bag of Halloween candy, trying to tell mini Baby Ruths from mini Milky Way Darks with only the light from my phone, so I can't be sure, but I think William Shakespeare's hiney was in the movie. It might have been hairy.

Have you seen the movie? 
Did you like it better than Footloose 2.0 (that was last week's movie)? 
Do you think Joey looks like James Bond?


Brittany said...

Haven't met your baby or seen Anonymous, so can't comment on those particular things except to say I would like do both. Also, love Spike and Notting Hill. How could I not, right?

jennie w. said...

I showed my husband your baby's picture and he started laughing and said, "he totally looks like daniel craig!" And I guess that makes it so.

I love Spike. But I really don't want to see Anonymous. I feel like its sacrelidge to say anything against shakespeare.

Also, I'm going to be in Arizona for Tgiving. Do you want to meet up? I'll be the slimy old guy posing as a Mormon mom. Heh heh.

TheOneTrueSue said...

He DOES look like Daniel Craig. Your people should contact his people. You know, in case they need to show Daniel Craig as a baby in some movie. I'm sure they need that. HOW COULD THEY NOT??!

I want to see Anonymous, but now I don't think I can. Because of Emily.

Beeswax said...

Brittany, I think Notting Hill might b my favorite movie ever. I'm pretty sure Spike can't outspike himself.

Jennie, you would not like that they cast a Pauly Shore look alike as Shakespeare (only stupider). Yes, let's get some lunch or something! My kids (except for little 007) will be in school til Wednesday the 23rd.

Sue, you are right! My baby is like my winning lottery ticket! And don't worry too much about Emily. You will b distracted by her beautiful dresses. She is like a gorgeous couch you didn't know you wanted for your living room.

Barbaloot said...

I've never even heard of that movie. Still haven't seen Footloose but I totally want to. And I'm gonna need a little bit more of a Blue Steele look from the baby to make an educated decision.

Amber said...

It's been on my list since I saw the trailer before "Contagion" and my husband just looked at me and said: "What on earth is that movie about?"

I'm more impressed that the baby is jumping on a perfectly made bed, than that he does look like a Daniel Craig offspring.

Beeswax said...

Well, the movie didn't get a very wide release. I had to drive to Chandler to see it.And Joey can do Le Tigre, but can't get the head tilt right on Blue Steel. Maybe if I took some snaps of him holding a gun?

And Amber, that bed is made because it is in a hotel room on our vacation. I personally believe bed-making is a waste of our short lives.

Brett and Shireen said...

I would never have recognized spike without the goggles either. And Joey totally looks like James Bond.

I haven't seen either of those movies but I'm gonna.

And Notting Hill is one of my favorites too.