Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hello there friend,

How are you? 
I'll bet you are busy. 
Have you finished your shopping?

Nah, I'm in big trouble over here. And now it's too late to shop online, so I'm going to have to go into a real store.

The rain? No, I love it. Keep it coming.

Yeah. I think Joey's got a sinus infection. We are going to the doctor this afternoon. We will probably pick up something new and frightful while we are there. 

What? Don't judge me for not taking him yesterday. I was at Anthropologie with my Mom and Sister. It was cold and wet. It felt a little like we were in New York. But then, we didn't go to Bendel's afterward, or get tea at the Four Seasons. But we did make Mom sit in the backseat with the shopping bags, like we were in a cab. So that was nice.

Oh yeah? You saw me over on Kari's blog? And our pies? We had a pumpkin pie throwdown and Kari won, because her's wasn't a fiasco. They both tasted good, though. I just need to roll my crust thicker, and remember that I cannot fill the food processor with hot liquids and turn it on high.

Well, I wish I could take you to the QT and buy you hot chocolate today. Because you are a kind, attractive, talented and smart lady. We would fill our cups halfway with cocoa, leaving lots of room for whipped cream. I would get three shots of hazelnut. You'd take yours with a little powdered creamer. 

But sadly,  I can't. I need to go bathe my baby, because he smells like boogers.

I hope you have a really nice day, though.
You deserve it.




Brett and Shireen said...

Wow, I get to be your first comment. I wish you didn't have to go to the dr for Joey because I would LOVE some hot chocolate from the QT. And if you order from Amazon ASAP I believe you can still get stuff in time for Christmas. Good luck if you have to go to actual stores. It's crazy out there.

Barbaloot said...

Oh-I kind of miss the QT down in Arizona. But I only want liquid creamer---no powder for me.

Hailey said...

I'm going to take you up on that hot chocolate date next week. When are you free?

Tami said...

I am in real trouble over here too. I actually told Todd he could do the shopping this year, since he always gets mad at me for doing it without him (and spending too much money). What was I thinking? That was a stupid thing to do. He hasn't done any shopping, and the teenagers are terrified at what they are getting (or not). They might get RC vehicles--he loves those. We will see you at the actual store soon! Good luck!