Friday, February 10, 2012

Gearing up for Statehood Day, my singleton baby's twin language, some potential falafel, and the Gin Blossoms, if Jake can be cajoled

So I didn't watch the super bowl because I was too busy eating and also football is boring. I know I should like it but I don't, and since I'm 38 years old, I don't pretend to like stuff anymore. Usually.

But I did sort of see Madonna's halftime show. And ever since, I've been listening to the Evita movie soundtrack in my van. Yesterday, Ross asked: That guy singing? Is that Puss in Boots?

Kids are super entertaining. If you have some, you know. I mean, they are loud and pull each other's hair and don't flush the toilet and sometimes you catch them biting their own toenails, but they are not boring. Two days ago Jane told me she wants to be a tattoo artist when she grows up, but she won't get any tattoos, cuz that's gross. And Joey, at almost two, isn't saying much, and what he does say is in a language of his own making. It's like a twin language, but he hasn't got a twin. He calls any sort of beverage a mimimama (except pop, which is pop) and motorcycles are samomos. We still have hope though, because he can speak Treat fluently: he'll let you know if he wants a sucker, cake, or cookies in the Queen's English.

So tonight I'm going to Pita Jungle with sister Jen and old friend Shireen to eat falafel, if I can find a babysitter. Tomorrow I am going to try to talk Jake into going to the Arizona Centennial celebration over at the Capitol, because I am an Arizona history nerd, even though I'm from California, but also because celebrating Arizona Statehood Day (February 14) was always a nice option for those of us who found ourselves lover-less (and by lover-less I mean heart-shaped-card-less and bereft of chocolate) on Valentine's Day (which I did. But only continuously from 1973-1995), but also because the Gin Blossoms will be there. And it feels very appropriate that the same band to which I would listen, lying on my single-girl dorm room bed with my giant 90s shampoo commercial hair, wallowing in my lover-lessness (most of the Gin Blossoms songs played with the theme of girlfriends leaving them because they were drunk losers, and somehow this resonated deeply with me) would be playing at Arizona's 100th birthday party.

Anyone else in for the Gin Blossoms?
Do you think Puss in Boots had the pipes for Andrew Lloyd Webber?
Do your kids bite their toenails, too?
What do you get at Pita Jungle?

Happy early Arizona Statehood Day!



Kari said...

Gin Blossoms and AZ statehood? I would so be there. And the falafel sounds yummy. With those awesome weekend option being 13 hours away, I think that I will try to sneak out late tonight and see The Vow all by myself--I'm certain that sappy and cheesy and Channing-Tatum-ness will just about hit the spot.

InkMom said...

My son saw Maggie Smith on Downton Abbey the other day and said, hey, why is Mrs. McGonnagall wearing a crooked hat?

Barbaloot said...

Wow---I would have to say a big no for Gin Blossoms. Although, it's kind of fun to think you of how your college self would feel knowing you had this opportunity now to see that band and it wouldn't be nearly as expensive than if you had gone then.

Brett and Shireen said...

Two words - healthy burger. Old friend, huh? How about lifelong friend? Old makes me sound so old.

Gin Blossoms are awesome, and I would have totally gone to see them at the state capital if a) I had known about it in time and b) if I had a babysitter.

I have heard my daughter talk about not biting her toenails anymore and it freaks me out. I haven't seen her doing it though, so maybe it's just a "what if"? Kids say hilarious things, my daughter told me the other day that she wants to be a Mom when she grows up, but she knows it's very dangerous. I agree completely.

Amber said...

Gin Blossoms and loneliness...ah, yes.

Kids aren't boring--gross--but never boring.

My older son also made the "Downton Abbey"/Professor McGonagal connection the other day. Then he told me she was his favorite actress.

I've been to Pita Jungle once, and it was when I still had morning sickness, so I'm not quite able to go back yet.