Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jake Beeson. Givin' the lady what she wants since 1992.

Okay, well not exactly. We didn't meet until March of 1992, so any cards he sent me in February for Valentine's Day, I might have attributed to yet another stalker (I had a few at the time). In early February 1993 he left for the Philippines for two years, and extended a month, so he was actually gone for three Valentine's Days. My heart wasn't broken, though, because we were really more buddies than anything else (though I had some designs on him), and anyway, I generally boycotted the holiday and instead celebrated Arizona Statehood Day (February 14, 1912), which is altogether more inclusive of the single folk. I'm not saying I was some kind of Statehood fanatic. I wasn't going to turn down any symbols of my suitors' affections. I just never seemed to have any especially ardent suitors around February 14.

Just a minute, let me go climb up into the attic and find our correspondence...

Okay, I'm back. I have risked life and limb (for I am very klutzy, and it seemed likely I would fall to my death) climbing up a rickety ladder and perching myself over the hole in the garage ceiling. All in the name of LOVE, and making my readers happy.

I couldn't find my box of letters from Jake. Here are those I sent to him. I have not included any from his other pen-pal girls.

What's that Latin Proverb? History is written by the victor...

To Jake, From Kelly:


I seem to have dropped the ball a little in 1994. Maybe I was entangled elsewhere?
Whatever it was, didn't last, because I came back strong in '95...


So, I guess I forgot that I was making crafty cards before it was cool to make crafty cards. All I had was construction paper and a big crush on a cute boy. Soon, though, I stopped as everybody else started making fancier, professional-looking cards. I can't compete.

Beginning in 1996, (by then he had been home almost a year, and I had hooked him with my wiles, and we would be wed in July) I have always received a little something from my Valentine. (Below is our engagement photo).

One year Jake got me a pink ipod mini with "Happy Statehood Day" engraved on the back. That was very techno-romantic. Last year I received a Greg Olsen picture of a little boy who looks like Sam. Sam took one look at it and asked: "Hey, why am I sitting there looking at a picture of Jesus? Why am I not wearing any pants?" The boy's shorts are indeed short, almost non-existent, really. Sam seemed disoriented for a moment, like he was having an out of body/out of pants experience.

Do you know why ladies get lots of flowers and candy for Valentine's Day? Because they totally dig them. I do, anyway. Thank you, Jake! (That's 1.5 pounds of See's you see below. It is down to about 1 pound now. I actually don't feel so good.)

This morning I gave Jake his chocolate bass that says "you're a keeper!" on it, and has romantic fishing trivia on the back.

The kids got heart shaped strawberry min-muffins, served on my fan-shaped 1950s snack trays, with the ruby cups.
Happy Valentine's Day, Jake. Here's to many more!


Gini said...

That is very nice.

Jolene said...

Kelly - How can you be so beautiful and nice and smart and talented and then you are so crafty too?! Those cards are way better than any scrapbooky fancy card I have ever seen. I think you better be careful or you are going to be teaching an enrichment activity on all you can do with scissors, construction paper and markers!

Lizzie said...

so I was looking at the card with the guy on front with the bellbottomed suns outft...
did you make the inside using those markers that change colors when you write over them with the white marker??? I used to stand at that cart in the mall trying to find out how to do the whole checkerboard thing.

Jenni said...

ahhh---you are so crafty!!! heehee...loving the construction paper creations! You guys are so cute!

Brett & Shireen said...

I actually can totally remember you with the construction paper and scissors, and the markers too. I'm pretty sure I got an awesome birthday card back in 1995. I love the Suns bell bottoms, is that a picture of you? Very stylish. Glad Jake is still hooking you up. Sees candy is definitely the way to go.