Monday, March 10, 2008

Googling me, googling you

Whilst googling this fine Monday morn, I noticed the drop down box is full of all kinds of fun goodies. It is like a trip down short-term memory lane.
trumpette baby socks
Arizona Statehood Day
Arizona school cut off date
bounce u
BYU Women's Conference
David Gray
Josh Radin tabs
Peninsula hotel New York Reviews
Rick Steves Italy
New office episodes
Kelly Beeswax (insert actual name.)
Pikachu Pokechow (wasn't me)
Far Side Cartoons
Strep throat symptoms (Went to Urgent care, where they swabbed and jabbed me, then told me I was clear for strep and mono.)
John boy mormon?
Chicago fire cow

Do you know who's googling Jean Claude Van Damme? Lots of people.
Do you know who they are getting? Me.

That's right. Every day I get visitors from all over the world coming to see this early blog entry. (If you haven't seen Jake with Hugh Grant's hair lately, it is worth a second look.) Occasionally, people are looking for Hugh, but mostly just Jean Claude. I found this when checking out my visitor map. If I click on the location, it tells me they came from Google image search. Where have my Jean Claude googlers come from JUST THIS MONTH? I'm glad you asked...

Stockholm, Sweden
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Liberecky Kraj, Czech Republic
Delhi, India
Helsinki, Finland
Paris, France
Honolulu, Hawaii
Ontario, Canada
Bucharest, Romania
Warsaw, Poland
Auckland, New Zealand
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Tokyo, Japan
Costa Rica

Now that I think about it, I shouldn't have told you all about Jean Claude. I should have just posted the visitor map on my blog so you could all be shocked and amazed at my cosmopolitan readership.

What have you been googling? Who is googling you? Take a peek and leave me a comment with your findings!


Leslie and Dave said...

The time has come. I think the time has come to link you. I wanted to check your site the other day but the thought of digging through the comments to find your link seemed like way to much work.

Kelly said...

Oh, boy. Linked to Dave and Les. I am very excited. Now, I will have international readership who are actually looking for ME, instead of Senor Van Damme.

Brigham said...


I'm going to assume that you wanted the squigly thing above the "n" in Senor. Hold down ALT+164 and get: ñ

You're welcome.

Brett & Shireen said...

Wow, have I helped to create an online international blogging friendship between Kel and Dave & Les? Should I charge Kelly my regular fee? Should I charge Jean Claude?

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