Wednesday, May 12, 2010

That's right. He licked it.

So, school is on it's way out. Projects are due, presentations are being...presented. And what's the old philosophical problem? If an oral report is given at the school and there is no parent there to listen, did it really happen?

And so I go. But getting out of the house is muy dificil. Getting someone to watch Tom (very distracting in classrooms), feeding the baby, dressing everyone and keeping us all relatively barf and feces-free until we are in the car. Urine is fine, since it is clear and not germy. Did I tell you about the time my sister Jen's baby peed on the pediatrician, and when she tried to apologize, the doctor stuck his finger in it and licked it?

That's right. He licked pee.
Because he was making a point? About it being sterile? So I figure, I can wear it, if he can eat it.

Anyhow, just this week:

"Sam" made a popsicle stick model of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, complete with diorama panorama of the Sydney skyline. Those quotation marks were not an accident. In the morning I told Sam to stand next to it while I took his picture. After I snapped it, he asked "Mom, now you get your picture with it." And then Ross pronounced it "wicked awesome." Uh, oh.

Ross made a Powerpoint presentation on deep sea creatures and exploration. He also forgot to tell me about a research paper on Houdini that is due today. So we were up all night printing photos of a 90% naked man in chains and handcuffs.

Jane has her Endangered Species research to present today. Koala Bears a la 10:45.

I joined the gym again. And went to Body Flow (yogalates). My body didn't flow super well. Is a good thing the lights were low. Now I'm sore. Mostly in my feet. Which really isn't my area of concentration.

Then I ate blueberry pie for breakfast. I won't even discuss the chocolate covered cinnamon bears which I find mildly disgusting but are covered in chocolate so they got scarfed.

Oh, and all this with a newborn in tow. And his rash has all but disappeared. I changed detergents and stopped bathing him much. So now he smells less like lavender and vanilla and more like barf, but he doesn't itch so much.


Kelly said...

Funny! I liked the comment about your feet. You should really take it down a notch when doing those projects. Who do you think you're fooling with that bridge?

Barbaloot said...

Wow-that is an impressive bridge of popsicle sticks. I hope that kid is headed into engineering.

And I hope to completely forget what you wrote about that pediatrician. EW!

Kari said...

Have you heard Brian Regan about the science fair? "Kid couldn't zip up his pants, but he could make a working volcano." Tell me "Sam" can zip up his pants.
And, I must know . . . are these the "hilarious" pictures from Jake's phone. They seem less hilarious than I was expecting. Almost gushy and sweet. And adorable. Not hilarious. I come here for comedy, woman. I demand hilarity.

Molly said...

That diagram is AWESOME! I could never have made something that good at his age. Your baby is beautiful and Sam looks just like Jake...I think!! Good for you on the gym...when you are down to the weight you want to be we can go shopping for William Rast jeans!

Amber said...

That diagram is amazing! We had a Service Project poster to make that took until 10pm, then did the before breakfast finishing touches. Gag--3rd Grade!

Already at the gym? How do you have energy???

Gini said...

What a sweet baby and the bridge looks great. That is pretty fancy work for a little guy. Hope he got an A on that.

Heather said...

Thanks for the comment you left, we are just 18!! ;)
You and the babe look great! You have on my fav ring too!
Hope all the projects and reports go well! The month will be gone before we know it.