Friday, May 21, 2010

So, like, 60% chance I broke Bono's back

See, I just bought plane tickets to Salt Lake.

21 May 2010
Following Bono's unexpected back surgery earlier today, Live Nation confirmed that the U2 U2360° tour launch previously scheduled for June 3rd in Salt Lake City has been postponed.

U2 fans with tickets to the June 3rd event are encouraged to retain tickets until updated show information can be provided.

Additional tour information will be forthcoming.

We were gonna go to the show with my college roommate, Kari, who likes me even though she saw my filthy 1994 bedroom. (Dear BYU co-eds, a good trick for keeping that rule about no boys in your bedroom: store all dirty unders on the floor. You will find it easy to make sure guests stay in the living room.) Her husband Craig, my Dad's new BFF, invited us. Dad and Craig have hiked the Grand Canyon TWICE this year. (Dear Craig: please lay off trying to get my Dad up Mount Everest. We like him quite a lot, and we don't want to see his popsicled corpse in an IMAX movie.)

Last time we tried to go to a concert with Kari and Craig, Coldplay cancelled on us. (But then they rescheduled and it was fab. Read all about it here. ) Anyhow, Kari thinks we are cursed, and that the moment I clicked purchase tickets at, somewhere in Germany, Bono's back snapped in two.

Were any of you planning to attend?
Are you very angry with me for ruining your plans?


Heidi Ashworth said...

I love how you make everything sound so very amusing. (I'm with Kari on this one.)

Joele and Matt said...

We have tickets to the Anaheim show on the 7th of June. I am soooo praying that it is not postponed. Sorry about your date though. Dang Bono and his back!!! This is the concert that at last he finally pulls me up on stage. He can't mess that up for me!!:)

Claire said...

Bono sounds a bit selfish, to be honest. Why does a broken back affect your vocal chords? Pfft. He could just lay back in a big ol' chair and sing.


acte gratuit said...

My brother was planning to attend and I was planning to be jealous.

The only U2 concert I've been to was "PopMart" (Pop) in San Diego and it was kind of a stinker.


acte gratuit said...

P.S. I'm with Claire.

selfish indeed!

Reid and Christine Family said...

Reid and I have tickets. We actually bought an extra pair to treat some un-expecting friends with. We couldn't decide who that couple was going to be (although we did have it down to 2 or 3). Disappointing.

Kacy said...

I guess his back finally buckled under the weight of his head. I say that, but I also love him. Bummer.

amygrowcock said...

was going with husband, his brother, and his brother's wife. never do anything like that. so excited to leave 4 children home and have grown up rock and roll time where i don't have to endure rolling of teenager's eyes and Bono wussed out. FANTASTIC!

Jessica Biscuit said...

at least you only broke someone's back. my mom killed elvis. no joke. and steve irwin. she like a serial killer =P