Monday, December 01, 2008

Coldplay Phoenix Concert Review by the Minivan Mama

You know, most of my best concert experiences have not in been in big, giant arenas. I mean, the big shows are big deal, so you invite all your friends and do your hair up real big for the occasion, and you might even buy your favorite missionary a $35 Depeche Mode t-shirt and send it to the Philippines to rub it in that he didn't get to come along (not realizing until you were actually married to said missionary and folding his laundry that three other lady-admirers attended the same show and sent him identical shirts). 

Me, in Jake's shirt before I sent it halfway round the world. 1993?

Or maybe you drive all the way to Vegas, to see R.E.M. through binoculars, and then ride all the way home to Provo in the trunk of your OWN car, because no one wants to sit three across the back seat of your Acura Integra next to a guy named BallsIncluding you. Thanks for driving, Jeff. (Brown. No thanks to you, Balls. Because, I think your real name was Jeff, too.) And thanks to Traci Fong and Kelly Robbins, who refused to get into the car until Balls was sitting shotgun. It was like a Chinese Fire Drill/Musical Chairs game, wherein I was clearly the loser.

Or maybe you went to see Ringo Starr, James Taylor, and Jimmy Buffett in Tucson, on the same night everybody under 40 in the state of Arizona went to see U2 at Sun Devil Stadium.

Nobody ever accused you of being extra cool.

But last Wednesday night, a mere 18 hours before our fabulous turkey supper, you were treated to the best big-concert experience of of not-so-young, not-terribly-cool life.

(And, remember, by YOU, I mean, ME. But also, maybe YOU. In case you were there, too. But really, this third person thing is getting tiring, so from now on, YOU just means, YOU. Not ME.)

I'm talking about COLDPLAY.

When I googled a bit to find the setlist, I kept finding things that said "Coldplay: The band you love to hate."

Which I don't get. Because I just love to love them. But then I think I figured it all out. See, everybody knows that they are awesome, and so they love them. But then, lame-o's like me show up to the concert in blue Honda Minivans with vanity plates. And when my former college roommate, Kari, and I sit squaw (I don't have to be PC, do I? It's my blog) in the second-row black leather bucket seats, and I say, hey Jake, the child locks are on, will you get my door? He just hits that button in the front and-wallah!- the door opens! Which, looking back, doesn't seem very rock'n'roll. Any actual cool people in the parking lot who saw that might think, I hope those mini-vanners are headed to Elmo on Ice featuring the Wiggles. And then they see me, stepping out with my big hair, 4-inch heels, and William Rast jeans, and think, Coldplay is clearly losing their edge, if that gal is here. Although, I will grudgingly admit that she is medium-foxy.

See, I'm just not edgy. And neither are most of the thirty-something soccer moms that totally dig Chris Martin (in a totally platonic, wish-we-could-set-up-a-playdate-with-Gwyneth-Apple-and-Moses-but-also-wouldn't-mind-seeing-his-blonde-fro-up-close kinda way). So I think maybe they'd like us to keep on buying the albums, but just keep quiet about it, and not write long, rambling concert reviews that include stuff about minivans with automatic doors.


So anyhow, the concert was GOOD. Really top-notch. Here's the setlist:

1. Life in Technicolor

2. Violet Hill

3. Clocks

4. In My Place

5. speed of sound

6. Cemeteries Of London

7. Chinese Sleep Chant

8. 42

9. Fix You

10. Strawberry Swing

11. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face 

12. Talk

13. The Hardest Part

14. Postcards From Far Away 

15. Viva La Vida

16. Lost

17. The Scientist

18. Death Will Never Conquer

19. Viva La Vida (remix interlude)

First Encore

20. Politik

21. Lovers In Japan

22. Death And All His Friends

Second Encore

23. Yellow

I would like to focus on my favorite parts: numbers 6, 11-15, and 23. Cemeteries of London just sounded GREAT. Better than the album. Then later, they went out into the audience a bit and got into a tight little pack, where they played these fast, short techno-ish versions of God Put a Smile... and Talk, and then Chris played The Hardest Part, and then this pretty little piano thing-y called Postcards from Far Away, which is on the new Prospekt's March EP, which you should get because it is good, and then, when he hits the last, heartbreakingly beautiful note and you think, this can't get any better, BOOM, they go straight into Viva La Vida. Wowie. This minivan mama can die happy, now.

The encore, Yellow, was also fab. It is just a GOOD song, people.

I would also like to say that I have new respect for the multi-talented drummer, who drums so fast that when you watch him you get a little seasick, and who can play the Church bell, some sort of mandolin and a tambourine, and also sing fairly well, although in the style of Kermit thee Frog. But I shan't look up his name to tell it to you, because his hair is not blonde and curly. It is baldy. To each his own, eh, ladies?

Anyhow, they say they are coming back next year! So, who wants to come along? Kari already said she's in. But don't tell her relatives, because they will be ticked if she skips town for any more major holidays.

Check out this video for LOST! It is all concert footage. Thanks, Kari!

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Heidi Ashworth said...

I have to admit, I am impressed with Coldplay. I hope Chris, Gwenyth, Apple and Moses keep it together. I hate to see cute famous families break up.

Kellie said...

Love Coldplay. And R.E.M. I saw them a few times in high school and college. But I'd have to say, if I was to see them today, I'd be taking a minivan with automatic sliding doors, too.

Kellie said...
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Kate said...

You don't know me but someone told you your blog was funny and I must say, I have to agree! Also, I'm in the ward that your sister Jen recently moved out of. Anyway, I had to comment because I went to that Depeche Mode concert in Salt Lake my freshman year at BYU and it was awesome wasn't it? I also had that same t-shirt. And mini-van or not, I LOVE Coldplay. Hopefully I can catch them next year. Thanks for the great post!

Natalie said...

I was thinking that too. There's a definite demographic at their concerts. I mean, old and young like them...but they are definitely a bunch of whities. (Is is a racial slur if you are one of the whities? I think not.) Everyone seemed to understand how musically gifted they are, though. Did you notice at the recent music award show that they kept getting nominated and then when they didn't win, the winner would say, "Wow...I would have given it to Coldplay. They're amazing." That's almost as good as winning it, right? Glad their Phoenix show was as good as Atlanta. Did you have amazing seats or get stuck way up high like me but you were just happy to be there at all?
Ah! I'm so addicted now. And I'm glad you said that about next year cuz some loser dj on the radio the other day said, "I heard they were breaking up but that could just be one of the Wikipedia rumors." (I almost crashed the car!)

Claire said...

Man... I'm clearly on my own. My friend Jill went to see COldplay too and she l♥ved them! (like that wee heart?) I understand that they have a few good songs. But Chris Martin clearly needs a good wash. He looks like he would smell of 3 day old scalp. And perhaps a slight whiff of spent matches. Give him a good scrub I say and put him in a suit, and I may be tempted to see him live. Well, it'd probably take more than that... hell - I like BArry Manilow and Michael Bolton, so I probably wouldn't see coldplay. They're not really of the same ilk as the singing perm and the singing nose.

Beeswax said...

Welcome, Kate!

Our seats were good-ish. Not close enough to see faces, but not far enough to see the big screens way up high without getting a serious neck crick! And the rumors are true! Chris said they plan to call it quits at the end of 09? Or when they are 33yo or something, because apparently 33 is the cut off for old-fart-hood. But who knows, maybe it will just be a hiatus.

And Claire,
You could totally be right. He does look a bit scruffy. I did not have seats close enough to sniff his scalp. And it could have smelled bad, because, at one point he either drooled or sweated on the piano, he was working so hard. But you are wrong about Michael Bolton. He and Chris are the same in one very important way: both blonde and curly.

I will add some links that will better explain why the hair is so important.

Molly said...

Kelly, your new picture on your sidebar is GORGEOUS! Are those from your family pictures you took a couple weeks ago?

Bee said...

I can clearly remember the first time I heard "Yellow" -- pre-Gwyneth, pre-friends with Jay-Z -- back when they were the new, very cool band. I love-love them, too.

(Three Depeche Mode t-shirts, really?)

Kari said...

Yes--the new picture is medium-to-extra foxy.

Beeswax said...

Molly, thanks! And Kari, I think in that photo I look EXTRA foxy, but in real life I am still only medium foxy. And yes, I cut the rest of my family right out of it. Don't judge me.

And Bee, no. 4 SHIRTS. Jake was very popular with the ladies. I should blog about it sometime.

angela michelle said...

People love to hate Coldplay just because they're jealous of their undeniable talent!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

I love all the Depeche Mode shirts! I especially get it after hearing your stories about your infamous missionary in NY! He must have been the coolest looking missionary on p-day ever.

Is this weird...I don't think I've ever heard a Coldplay song. Try not to be too shocked. Of course I've heard of them, but since I'm not a radio kind of gal I rarely am ever introduced to other bands than I currently love. Maybe I'll give Coldplay a shot, since you're ga-ga.

Kristen said...

jealous! I especially love the Depeche Mode shirt pic with the guy in the background with the Dinosaur Jr shirt on and TEAL pants. Love it! I was totally into that era of grunge rock, but the clothes are cuter now even though on fat days I wish I could put on the baggy jeans and t-shirts with bed head.
I think I would have died at that concert. I should look and see if they are playing DC next year.