Monday, January 10, 2011

Too late for Christmas cards?

We had these pictures taken in November by Wendy Whitacre (Blue Lily Photography). 

I finally sent out my cards like a week ago, because that's how I roll. I figure if I'm still working on Christmas, is only right and proper that I should still be eating the chocolate truffles my neighbors brought over. ('Tis the season and all that.)

Wendy does a dang good job. She makes it look cinchy to get three boys who never stop moving, one pouting tweenage girl, and even photoshop a screaming baby into an angelic cherub-type person, whilst somehow refraining from capturing their Mama's angry eyes. Is perhaps more photoshopping? Maybe she has a special button she pushes that says "make this woman look as though she is not possessed by the Devil"?

Wendy is like Houdini of cameras. But does not do any underwater tricks with chains, as far as I know. 

She comes to Arizona in the fall.

Layton clan

The contents of the boys' pockets
So anyhow, Merry Christmas from the Beeswaxes! 
And a happy new year! (even though it is partly over).

Do you have any leftover Christmas business? 
Are all your decorations packed away? 
Do your kids carry Legos with them everywhere they go?


Reid and Christine Family said...

Great pictures! I'm actually drooling over the beautiful sunshine and trees with green leaves on them. Can you tell it is dismal January in Utah and I am a pregnant woman dreaming of June when I will no longer be with child?

jennie w. said...

Super adorable! You might need to change it to "Happy Martin Luther King Day", though.

erin said...

Love your family pictures! and your card. :)

I'm wishing Tommy lived down the street! Luke needs someone around here to share his Lego obsession.

acte gratuit said...

Got your card and it's beautiful! Doug was a little confused at first, but I s'plained it to him. Also, I knew Wendy took the pictures. Totally called it. (Patting myself on the back.)

Wonder Woman said...

I'm sending out Valentine cards this year. Had a serious mix-up delay with our cards and still don't have them. (I won them from a friend's giveaway and well, you get what you -don't- pay for. especially from flaky friends.)

Your pictures are darling. And yes, my kids carry legos wherever they go. They end up in my dryer all the time.

Jennifer Babbitt said...

I loved getting your card in the mail!!



Kacy said...

I am always surprised at how much better-looking you are than I imagine you.

Kristen said...

u guys probably got our card the same time we got yours. i'm just glad we got the cards in the mail before Emmy decided to come early, otherwise I would have felt pretty silly sending out a family pic with me pregnant with a thing that said "baby girl due Feb".

Your pics turned out really cute though.

Hailey said...

A friend of mine here singled out your Christmas card on the fridge and said, "That is the most good-looking family I've ever seen." And I said, "Well, they're family." I neglected to mention that it was Ben's family...