Friday, March 11, 2011

Ostrich festivities! And also, bugs are like Fen-phen.

So Spring Break has come early to the Beeswax household. Sam and Tom are home today, and two of the caterpillars we agreed to caterpillar-sit for Teacher Jeanne's preschool class have already become chrysalides, and the ladybug pupa are molting, which sounds nearly as gross as it actually is.

So there are lots of bugs on the kitchen counter. I'd spin myself into a cocoon, too, if I were trapped in a plastic cup half-filled with my own feces for two weeks. Once they are all safely wrapped up, we can take them out and safety pin them to the pop-up butterfly habitat, then wait 7-10 days before they emerge, painted lady butterflies, and we can feed them orange slices and take them back to preschool, where they can be ogled and prodded by four-year-olds until they are sickly, but not quite dead, then released in the park. (You know, the life cycle, exactly how God intended it.)

Also, Sam turned eight. We are going to the Chandler Ostrich Festival today to celebrate, because Sam has a serious thing for ostriches. He is excited to shop for ostrich memorabilia and see the ostrich races. We are also cleaning our house, because Sam is getting baptized tomorrow and people are coming over for lunch afterward. This might mean we have to move all the bugs and their excrement/molted skin out of the kitchen, even though I find them an effective appetite suppressant. Proof? There is a bag of mini Snickers bars right next to the caterpillars, and I've only eaten like 10.


jennie w. said...

When they come out of their cocoons (or is it chrysalises?) there's like blood. Or as we call it, extra butterfly paint.

Hailey said...

Cool, we have baptism day twins! I'm sad we didn't get to hang out for more than 30 minutes. Maybe I just need to eat crow and move there.

Kacy said...

I was just going to comment on the blood too. Be prepared.