Wednesday, March 02, 2011

78 and sunny.

Fort Beeswax

200 square feet of veggies (plus some strawberries). I've got lots of dirt under my nails.

Nothing smells better.


Herbs. Say your H, like Martha does. Who doesn't like a pretentious gardener?

Time to get out the ladder

What's better than February in Phoenix?


What's better than March?


(Except maybe November.)

What's your favorite month?

Happy March to you!


jt said...

I was just picking/ juicing oranges this morning with my friends. One just moved here and I also proclaimed that March is the best month ever down here.

Good pick.
That's my favorite too.

Heidi said...

We were having weather like that in the SF east bay and then, about 10 days ago, winter arrived. Ugh! Anyway, it all looks so wonderful!

mandi said...

That's what it's like here (central Texas) right now too! Just glorious!

Gini said...

I always liked Feb. until this year.. too cold and windy.. and then I like November but I guess I have to vote for October.. birthday, anniversary, AND my favorite holiday.. HALLOWEEN!!

erin said...

Great pics! Makes me wish i was coming for the wedding this weekend! i love the az sun! :-)

Barbaloot said...

March is my least favorite month---but that's cuz I'm in Utah Valley! I did like it the one time I lived in AZ:)

Leslie said...

March was my favorite month in Mesa too! I miss it so much! March in SE Idaho is still the middle of winter, although it did rain last night...maybe that's a sign of better things to come! So jealous of your beautiful garden!!!!

Bee said...

Your blog post title is a bit unkind. Mine would have to read: 34 and gray. (We had ONE sunny day in February, I kid you not.)

I've lived in England so long that saying "urb" sounds funny to me. I guess I'm with Martha on that one.

Bee said...

p.s. Your children look so happy and healthy and the baby has gotten SO BIG!

Kari said...

Love March. But in Utah, April/May is more consistently fabulous. And less muddy. But gardening in March . . . so jealous.

Brett and Shireen said...

The downfall with March is that you know you're on the tail end of the cooler weather. By April, it's already getting in the 90's, and May is getting gross. So I'm going to say November is my favorite. That's the first full month of the year that I can really say that I love living in Phoenix.