Thursday, April 07, 2011

City Slickers

While on the hay ride at yesterday's preschool field trip to Superstition Farm:

Charlie, you see those huge, giant, long nipples on that cow right there? That's where the milk comes out.

No way, Tommy, Charlie retorts, pointing in the direction of the uncomfortable-looking heifer, his voice with edged with disdain. It comes out of that hole under his tail.

Tom considers for moment, then replies:  
 Oh. That makes sense. 

I didn't correct them. Is like last week, when Tom was listing all the bugs he'd seen in the garden: a cockroach, a bee, a spider, a bug I didn't know, and three holy molys. When Ross started to speak, I evil eyed him 'til he quit.


Kari said...

Is like when Jack tried to correct Ian's "what the hat!" That evil eye thing works like magic.

Diamond in the Rough said...

I love kids! They say the best stuff!!