Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Sneaky QT adventure, birthdays, and a tea party

So last night, after the kids went to bed, Jake and I snuck out. We rode our bikes down the canal over to the Quick Trip, where we returned our Blockbuster Express movie, and I got myself a soda, which sloshed around in my wicker basket all the way home. It was fairly exciting because it was very dark, except for the blinding lights coming from the second floor rooms of homes, so that we couldn't see the ground in front of us and had to be careful not to plunge into the canal.

SO where was I earlier? Ah, yes. March 25!

Pinewood Derby! Sam got the award for fastest truck.

March 22. Joey is 1. Question: Has a happier, more pleasant child ever been born? Answer: seems unlikely, but can't be sure.

March 20. Jane is 10.

March 18. Afternoon tea for 12 10-year-olds and two Grandmothers.

Tom wasn't invited. Jake took the boys out for Mongolian BBQ.

Daffodils $1.29 a bunch at Trader Joe's!

Grandma Taylor's wedding silver and tea cup collection.

Jane with first course of finger sandwiches: Egg salad, ham and Boursin, cucumber with cream cheese and lemon mint.

The girls made their own hats as they arrived

Grandma Gini Beeson
Grandma Mareen Layton. I'm wearing one of the lip gloss rings we used for napkin holders. Those things are very handy.
Second course: Scones, clotted cream, orange curd (I don't have a lemon tree anymore!), and jam.

Third course: coconut macaroons, tangelo shortbread, and tiny eclairs
Guess which were the most popular?

I spent the entire day in the kitchen, but it was so much fun, I want to do it again: this time, for my friends. Who wants to come?


Hailey said...

I thought you'd NEVER ask. Please oh please pick me. Everything looks AMAZING. You are Wonderwoman.

Barbaloot said...

That party looks fun! Then again...Mongolian BBQ. It'd be hard to pick between the two.

Jolene said...

I want to come!! You had me at orange curd!! And Nicole had the best time!

Amber said...

My friends tell me that my 4th was such a rotten baby so that I would know when I was done having kids. Following that logic, you need to have #6.
That tea party is amazing, and I doubt any of those girls have any idea how awesome it was!

Brett said...

I want to come - will even help clean up. Seriously, who wouldn't want that?!

erin said...

What a fun birthday party. I could eat scones and clotted cream every day!