Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Of Burgers and Bras

Last night I ate a Kobe burger with sauteed wild mushrooms and Maytag Blue cheese, double truffle fries, and a bananas foster shake for dessert. Zinburger is over at the Biltmore, so you might think it is a long drive for a hamburger. But I used to drive to Las Vegas from Provo just for a Double Double Animal Style, so it doesn't seem like such a sacrifice to me. Plus, it was very delicious, and very near Last Chance (that's where all the stuff from Nordstrom Rack goes to die), and after you spend five times what you normally would on a Big Mac, you might be able to spend a few pleasant minutes sifting through a giant bin of cheap Wacoal bras, purchasing three for less cash than one fancy-pants Japanese-cow burger. And then, when you get home, you might discover, to your pleasure, that two of them even fit. 

My dear hermanita Jen, I am going to need like 6 more Fox Concept Restaurants gift cards like the one you gave me for Christmas.  We want to go to The Arrogant Butcher (New Orleans), North (Italian), Olive & Ivy (high-heeled lunching lady, goat cheese, free range chicken type food), and the Mexican place at the Borgata. Plus, I'm going to need a couple more Zinburgers. Thanks in advance.


What are you eating lately? Should I be eating it, too?


Brittany said...

I have been eating lots of Tostitos Salsa con Queso- which really nobody should eat, except that it is very tasty-- with multigrain chips. I can introduce you to this delicacy if I see you this summer!

Alison said...

I used to love Last Chance. I'd ditch school to go, my cousin and I would stalk the person who stocked the shoe shelves so we could be the first to snatch up any Doc Martens he might have. I went again a few years ago (after at least five years of not going) and was sorely disappointed, like the stuff had already died before it got there. Is it better now? Or has it always been wonderful and I was just there on an off day? Must I once again make it a must-visit place next time I go to AZ?

Beeswax said...

Brittany- Yes, I can't wait to be in California eating Tostitos salsa con queso with you! I'll bet it isn't 112 degrees there today!

And Alison,

I don't get to Last Chance very often, but I like the shoes, too, and maybe half the time I come home with something great. I have super long, narrow feet, so I like that they shelve them by width, and I have come home with $300 Italian heels (that fit perfectly, which is an actual miracle) for like $30. Or sometimes I come home with nothing. It seems like maybe the prices are higher these days. Or maybe I'm just getting pickier as I age?