Friday, August 12, 2011

Retrenchment. Again. Plus, my kids went to school and I spent the day on iTunes.

Ok, so I went to step class this morning and it was super hard. I haven't been all summer because I've too been busy eating and not moving and gaining ten pounds. About 45 minutes in, right after the 'party track' (is masochistic misnomer), a friend from like 15 years ago says hello, and instead of thinking: is so good to see you! I was thinking: you couldn't have let me know you were right behind me? Had I known, I would have tried harder not to flop around and wheeze like an asthmatic AARP member. And maybe I wouldn't have have lain on my belly while the rest of you were doing that yoga thing.

I'm not proud of myself.

Last week, I started a post about how I don't care a wink about my ill-fitting pants (you'll recall I went to California and ate VG Donuts and Hula Pie and Mr. Frosty dipped cones). I wrote all about the medium-sized purple muumuu I bought myself at Target for my birthday. (Muumuus run large. Is smart thinking by muumuu makers.). And then I prattled on about how muumuus are the best because they keep people wondering: what's going on under there? Is she a lingerie model? Is she great with child? No one can tell, and guess what? It is none of their business how many apple fritters I'm smuggling around in my lovely lady lumps! I got the wearable-pup-tent idea from my sister, who already had the same dress. So since we both wore it almost every day of our vacation, sometimes we went places with all of our combined 12 children, looking like some sort of matchy-matchy Polynesian sister wives.

Anyhow, like I said, that was last week. From the black night of unhealthy (but delicious) denial has dawned a new era of self-denial. Retrenchment. Which started today. And I'm only telling you so I can't wriggle out of it. So now I'm sitting here eating raw carrots with no ranch dressing, still wearing my stinky yoga pants. You can leave your condolences in the comments.

But just because I can't eat anything good doesn't mean I can't buy myself stuff on iTunes, right?

The Decemberists most recent album, The King is Dead, might actually be better than doughnuts.  This record sounds like Mary from Peter, Paul, and Mary married Michael Stipe and had lots of bearded children, who then died and formed a choir of hipster angels. (Except for This is Why we Fight, which sounds like the Cranberries.) Listening to them makes me want to get the old band back together (the band being me and my sister, my sister mostly against her will), to sing my original, four-chord dirges, inspired by boys who didn't know I liked them and British Royals of the middle ages. Take a gander at my playlist over right, if you like folk music. (Or Weird Al. Because I bought his album, Alpocalypse, too.)

What else should I buy on iTunes? 
What did you do with your first day of school? 
What's your favorite doughnut?
(I like buttermilk old-fashioned with chocolate ganache.) 


Anonymous said...

I am so happy you are back! Thank you for entertaining me, even though I give you nothing in return. And also thanks for the purse. I still love it, though it is almost nearly dead...but people still envy it and don't even notice it's shedding it's fake Prada skin. Now the hard part will be finding a purse I like half as much.

mandi said...

OH my goodness! This post is HILARIOUS!!! I mean from the polynesian sister wives to the lady lumps to the bearded children that are the decemberists. I loved it!

jennie w. said...

9 more days and then my life will become amazing! But I think I need to invest in a few muu-muus as well.

Amber said...

I always look 5 months pregnant when I wear any kind of mu-mu/summer dress. When I'm 5 months pregnant people just think I'm fat. it's depressing.

I had to look up retrenchment because I only know that word from "Persuasion"--I thought it was meant some crazy arcane British law like an entail or something. Inow feel much more educated that it means "to economize" are curtail or reduce. Entertained and educated here on your blog--thanks!

Barbaloot said...

First off---no band is better than doughnuts. Especially cake ones. But I guess the Decemberists can be close.
I'm in love with Regina Spektor these days. Some of her songs are weird and then really weird, but some of her songs are beautiful.

Peggy Urry said...

Love your blog! Collective Soul is a band to check out if you haven't. My fave and I might pick it over doughnuts (depends on the day - I'm a sucker for glazed)! I love that you guys did the muumuu thing and loved the fam pic at the temple.