Wednesday, April 25, 2012

See you there?

I'm going to Utah today. Going to the BYU with all the other ladies for the Women's Conference. I'm pretty excited, and not just cause I get a break from kids.

The other reason is I get a break from P90X.
Oh. And all the nice classes they provide are lovely, too.

In the past, my goal has been to eat my way across Utah County, but I am going to admit, this hasn't brought me as much gastrointestinal joy as I had hoped. So I am hoping to take it easy this year. I am only going to eat creamery milkshakes, mint brownies, five courses with four desserts, and pastrami burgers if I feel like it, and not just because it is the right thing to do.

This is what I look like right this minute. If you see me there, say hello to me. I would like to shake your hand.


Van Cott Family said...

Adorable you, have fun! I think I will try for next year! Maybe we can car pool. :)


Hailey said...


Amber said...

Only been once, in 2005.

Having babies around this time messes me up in so many ways. Enjoy the fudge and mint brownies for me!

Tami said...

Didn't you LOVE it? Women's Conferende is my favorite! Not just because of the mint brownies, either. I'm surprised I didn't see you there among the sea of women! Maybe next year! :)