Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Things I learned; Things I Thunk; and Brookie & Charlie

1. Don't leave Tommy's jeans off, even for a minute, even when he pulls them off himself, even when you are babysitting three extra kids, including 1 year old twins. He might pull off his diaper and take a dump next to the Christmas tree and even on one of the ornaments he pulled onto the floor earlier.
2. Canada is the middle child of America. It works hard to keep up with its louder, hyperactive, over-achieving sibling, the U.S., but is quieter and probably has a complex about being in the U.S.'s shadow. It seems generally well-behaved and rule-abiding, nothing like youngest children Central and South America, who won't seem to find some nice democratic governments and settle down, instead going for the dictator bad boys and each other and what not.

Yes, I do realize this is mostly the fault of the greedy oligarchies at work, and an inheritance from the Spanish colonial governments which raped the land, and that they were not lucky enough to have religious dissidents from England and France land on their shores and set up representative democracies like we did in North America, although things didn't go much better for the Native Americans, either way. Those of you who have lived there can set me straight. All I learned about Latin America was from a crazy guy (professor) at BYU who had been pelted about the head with rubber bullets and partially blinded by mustard gas in Panama (he could draw a crowd to lectures bigger than actual class enrollment, much like Susan Easton Black, but couldn't talk auctioneer fast like she can), and also from the musical Evita, which is muy bueno.

I'm not sure why Jake feels Central America has better golf than the good 'ol USofA, except maybe for the monkeys on the course. I think if he took Sammy with him in the gorilla mask and played Superstition Springs, it would be sorta the same, and wouldn't require 12 hours of travel one way. For all you Canadians, I don't mean no harm. I was born in Lansing, Michigan, so I'm almost a Canadian, right? And I didn't call you the red-headed stepchild of America. Hermanos, all!

3. Do all my laundry BEFORE I get out Christmas decor (and do it on December 23rd).

4. Whole Foods (Ray and the 101) is a very fun place to visit on the way home from the Cannery. Sort of a cross between AJs and Sprouts. Welcome to my life, Shrimp Bisque! Plus, BBQ Soy Crispettes, which sound gross, but are very "light and delicious, tasty soy snacks" as it says on the bag. (Update: could not eat the 19 crisps required for 120 calorie serving before began to feel sick. The good news: I think my appetite is ruined for whole morning.) Whole foods is still awesome.

5. Had a great time at Brookie's 10th birthday party last night. Jane's cake (chocolate sheet cake topped with marshmallows and then frosting) hit the spot. Janie took pictures at the Taylors and I can't figure how to get them off the Fisher-Price digital camera. Check out Aunt Jane's blog later to see if she posts photos. After that we went to Jen and Andrew's where they had baby Charlie's blessing. All kids in attendance were crazed lunatics. Lots of fighting with light sabers. Andrew's cookies (he is something of an expert) were very nice, and actually calmed kids down. What did you put in the cookies, Andrew?
Above: Man-of-hour, Charlie, with Jen and Andrew
Below: Grandma Mareen with Tommy

Above: Sam and Grandma Taylor
Below: Friends Hallie and Ellie, with Jane and cousin Claire

Above: Friends Shireen and Brett
Below: Tommy and Grandpa Ross


Anonymous said...

Nice job on this one. Especially about the canadians. I have never heard the psyche of a whole nation, nay, state of being,(Canadian) broken down so succinctly. So if I'm a middle child, what country am I?
I love the photo of Sam and Grandma Taylor.

Kelly said...

I told him he'd have to sleep on the couch if he didn't leave me a comment.

jt said...

Love the post. I didn't understand any of the second paragraph, but with six kids, my brain is crammed and I don't think much beyond cleaning up after breakfast and putting wet clothes in the dryer and making it to skateboard class for Brig on Fridays.

I'll try to get some pics of the Par tay loaded.

Cute baby Charlie! I love family pics like those. Good job.

jt said...

Thanks for the poop tip too, i'll watch for that...

Gini said...

Looks like Andrew has another child that looks exactly like him!