Friday, May 30, 2008

Seeking: some lunch ladies, and 2 quarts of almond extract

No time for cyberspace.
Have got 4 bored children.

Monday we went to the first of our series of summer movies at the Harkins. On our way out, Jane asks me, "So what ELSE fun are we doing today?" I had to break it to her that the Veggie Tales: Pirates Who Don't Do Anything was probably going to be the highlight of her week.

Tuesday we babysat Mel's twins, cleaned the house and went to the library.

Wednesday I took all the kids to In-n-out for lunch, then to Ross' baseball game.

Yesterday we made 8 loaves of bread, plus some other interesting shapes produced by kids, including a 'regularbread man'. A regularbread man is a gingerbread man made of regular bread. Apparently.

Today we are making fresh cherry pie. We are out of almond extract again, so we will need to go to the store before we make the pie. We've been going through almond extract like water around here, mostly because Tommy is bathing in it. He dumped the last bottle all over himself, and then he smelled super delicious for like three days, even after soap. I also like to put it in many of my baked goods, and now I'm even considering wearing it as perfume, as Tommy does. Or maybe Jake should wear it as perfume; I'm sure it would entice me more than those perfumes with creepy synthetic pheremones in them. I AM extremely attracted to treats. Anyway, I'm hoping that pitting the cherries will keep children occupied for a very, very long time. Maybe 6 hours or so? Cause I'm running out of ideas, and school's been out just a week.

Hey! Maybe I should stop baking, and take the kids to the gym with me. Maybe Tom won't scream bloody murder again when I leave him in the kidszone. (Not likely, of course, but there is time killed in the trying, eh?) If he will stay, then perhaps I won't gain 15 pounds this summer from boredom baking.

The gym is an excellent idea. But really, I should save that idea for next week. I am super busy with all the pie and the exract shopping today. Though I LOVE the gym, of course. Is my favorite place, after Krispy Kreme.

Oh yeah. One more thing. I've got a hair appointment next Wednesday the 4th. Anybody want to meet me for lunch about 1pm, since I'll already have a sitter and some really awesome hair? A few ladies, perhaps? I'm thinking Flancer's, but am open to other delicious suggestions. Let me know. RSVP in comments or by email.

Update: As far as I know, Jake does not wear cologne, much less cologne with phremones to attract ladies. Just to be clear.


Renae Alexander said...

What do you do with all of that bread? (I can personally down a whole loaf myself if it's still warm and the butter doesn't run out :) I just delivered some to your cousin Melanie. We LOVE her!
I tried going to Lifetime Fitness with the kids and I would almost get to the top of the stairs where the equiptment is before they would call my name over the intercom. "Renae Alexander, come get your miserable children" (at least that's what I heard) That lasted a month before we cancelled and bought a treadmill and weights.

jt said...

Liz was just asking if I was busy wed. at 1pm. I may have to switch my mac class. I'll see what I can do, that is if you meant me to be a "lunch lady".

jt said...

usually i'm out eating lunch with your hubby. this would be a nice switch up. :)

calm down, all you stalkers, her hubby=my bro.

Lizzie said...

jane-switch you class and I will still get off early. I love Flancer's! and I really need a break from my job!!!!

Beeswax said...

Looks like I've got me some lunch ladies. Anybody else interested? We are pushing it back to 1:15.

renae, I freeze the bread, then we eat it for a couple of weeks before I have to make more. I'm taking some to my VT ladies, too.

Hailey said...

I wish! You are like in my top five people I'd like to lunch with!

Kari said...

I would love to do lunch, but, wait. I live a thousand miles away. Crap.

In the mean time, though, I've been trying to email you about the tickets. I've sent a few notes, to a few address and I don't know if they are just floating out there in cyberspace or if you found some other folks to party with in July.

Can you check your spam to see if I've been lumped with the garbage? Or email me, and I'll see if a reply can come through?

And if I don't hear from you, I'll have to guess that we've been replaced. Figures.

acte gratuit said...

Hehee. Funny post! I'm dreading the end of school! And I do love boredom baking... Bad combo.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the comment! Come back often!!!

acte gratuit said...

P.S. After reading a few more of your posts, I'm officially adding you to my Google Reader. You're a writer after my own heart. Keep up the good work!

erin said...

Pie and homemade bread both sound sooo good now!
I liked your review of The Host... I still have to read it!
-fellow d :)