Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Things you might be wondering

Why I'm wearing a pink juicy track suit when it is 110 degrees outside. (Good question)

When I will clean my kitchen. (Today)

How I figured out that the little voice in the back of my head that tells me to eat two pounds of See's candy in one sitting isn't my natural man or even Satan. (It is the real me, Kelly, only she is trapped inside here while my body plays HOST to an alien invader that does most of the running around and the laundry. I've decided to let it slide because she obviously is doing a much better job than I could. Plus, she placates me with See's candy. Sneaky, cunning alien.)

Why I keep reading Stephenie Meyer's books. (I honestly don't know. Does anybody want to borrow THE HOST?)

Where I'm sitting at Coldplay (Section 101)

What I'm going to do with all my kids at home for two months in this wretched weather. (No clue. Open to ideas.)

Why I ran over that snake. Twice. (I ran over something, and I thought, perhaps that was a snake! So I threw it into reverse, just to check it out, and ran over him again. Ba-dump, ba-dump. Whoops. In the headlights, I could see his creepy head and tail still squirming around, but his middle section was stuck fast to the asphalt. I gagged a little bit.)


Shannon said...

I would love to borrow the Host if you haven't already loaned it out and if you recommend it! I can get it at Bunko Thrus.! I am coming, the invite is taking too long to come up so this is my reply!

jt said...

were the kids in the car when you ran over the snake? They would love that! I ran over a big one in Houston once. dis gus ting.

Jolene said...

What is with the snakes and scorpions? You are making me nervous - I live way too close to know that these visitors are around. Tell me, was the snake in Santa Rita Ranch or some far off place that is going make my heart stop pounding?

Allyson said...

Did you already finish The Host? I am trying to go slow so that my family does not have to deal with a book-reading zoned out mom. I can get a bit nutty when I get sucked into a good book. Speaking of books...did you get my e-mail about Book Club?

Beeswax said...

Okay, Shannon, you got it first.

Jane, only dropping off babysitter, so no kids with me. Babysitter freaked out though.

Snake was on main entry drag in Meridian Pointe, Jolene

Yes, already dun, Allyson. Emailed you back!

shell said...

lol about the snake. poor little guy. and poor you for having to see the middle section stuck to the road.

Heather said...

Was The Host good? Breanna picked up a copy for me at Costco. I haven't started it yet.
Don't tell me another SNAKE in the neighborhood??!! YUCK. I am glad you ran it over though. :)

Pam said...

I have been waiting to hear recommendations on the Host. Give us your review. I know I want to read it though. I have to get a little taste of Stephenie Meyer again to hold me until Aug. for the much anticipated 4th book.

Run over as many snakes as you want. If they are on the road or in the neighborhood they are just asking for it don't ya think?

By the way we all would love to see a picture of you in your "juicy" pink suit. :)

An Ordinary Mom said...

What a fun post. When will I clean my kitchen and bathrooms? Who knows, I keep putting it off :) !!

LDS Art Show said...

Great thoughts will be checking back on your blog often.

Ross said...

I felt so bad that i went to in and out and ordered a hamburger with extra tomatoes.
It was worth being sick if it had to be