Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Viva la Vida, people!


How many of you already knew about this but didn't tell me? Come on, raise your hands high. Cause like maybe 3 million people had already downloaded Coldplay's new singles before I even heard a word about em, and some of those people are likely to be YOU. But never mind that for a moment:


Tickets go on sale MAY 17th. Plans need making. Can't waste time being ticked at blogosphere that I wasn't actually reading cause I was on vacation.

Wait a second. What is today? the 13th? MAY 13th!
Dangit. I've been sidetracked by doughnuts again.

Where was I? Coldplay. Right.
So I'm checking miladies' blogs yester-eventide, and I find out Coldplay released TWO songs, real sneaky-like! I go outta town, then outta the country like one tiny time, and I miss it. No matter that I've been sitting at my computer for like a year, waiting for a new album, new single, new ANYTHING to fill my time (cause raising four kids is easy peasy and I can do that before lunch if I don't brush my hair. And who needs to brush her hair if she's just sitting in front of her computer waiting for Coldplay's new album, Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends?) So I took up blogging, since I was already here in front of the computer, and then I blogged about Coldplay, and about how I love Chris Martin's hair, but am being driven mad by the lot of them because I've listened to X&Y more than maybe anybody else on the face of the earth, besides maybe my middle son, Sam Beeswax. Then one day (yester-eventide), I click on Kari's blog (she's very cutting edge, very plugged in, and knows all the latest, situated as she is in the thick of it, nestled against the mountains in Americken Fark, Utahar (her words, not mine). She's got her finger on the pulse of Chris Martin y sus Coldplaying Compadres. (And as long as her finger stays out of his blonde curls, we can still be friends.)

What's that? I'm not being very clear? You really have no idea what I'm rambling about? Coldplay has released two singles off their new album, the rest of which will be released June 17th. They are called Viva la Vida, and Violet Hill. You are listening to Violet Hill if you didn't already hit mute because you're sneaking a look at my blog while your husband is in the other room cause he told you THAT BEESWAX WOMAN IS A BAD INFLUENCE. SHE DOESN'T BRUSH HER HAIR NEAR ENOUGH, EVEN FOR A 25 YEAR OLD. Well, you can just tell your husband he needs some work on his adverbs. Then, he'll feel the mode. Fer sher.

So after seeing all this over at Kari's place, I skee-daddled on over to itunes, my heart beating fast, all sweaty-pitted and anxious to throw some money around. I pre-ordered the album cause then I got the title track for a buck or for free or something, immediately. Who even knows? It is all a blur. I bought Violet Hill, cause none of you fellow bloggers let me know when and where it was FREE to download. Now I'm making plans for the concert, wondering if it is appropriate to take your 5-year-old Coldplay fan along. Probly not? Well, then, that's it, I think. I think we are caught up now. So who's in for July 12th? A little pre-Bastille Day party at the jobing.com arena, anyone?

P.S. Death Cab for Cutie released their new album today: Narrow Stairs. The reviews said I'd love it or I'd hate it, and the truth is, some of the songs I love, and some I hate. I put a few of my favorites on my player over there as well.

P.P.S. It is raining outside for the first time in over 100 days. YAY! Could not be more thrilled than am right now. I opened all the windows, and now my house smells like wet-Texas-Sage-and-dirt, which is one of the best smells in the world. Now, what can I do to help people in Myanmar and China, who need something more than Coldplay singles and rain today?

P.P.S.S. Raise your hand if you don't know what "feel the mode" means.


Brian said...

Wait a minute... Coldplay is coming to little old AZ?! That's one of my must see bands!

P.S.- This is Brian, Tammy's Bro

Kelly said...

Welcome, Brian! So, are you coming then? We had some good 'ol times at the Pet Shop Boys, didn't we?

Brigham said...


Sounds familiar...have they been around long?

deana said...

Kelly, it is an absolute MUST that you DO NOT wear your fave bra to this concert!
We download free music on limewire.com - I hope I'm not going to get in trouble for revealing this... I'm sure it's completely legal. Because my family adheres to ALL laws... speaking of which, the criminal speed ticket was not given on the surrey bike(although reckless driving was definately goin' on), it was given in the car on our way to California by a lovely Yuma police officer!

Brian said...

Heck Ya I'm going!

Pam said...

Coldplay - one of the best bands EVER! Kelly do not feel bad about not knowing... I was out of the loop too and I usually get all those kinds of updates on Yahoo music. Nope nothing. So why the secret Coldplay? Is this some new record sales plot that we should know about?
Krispy Kreme today oh my. This is good and bad news. I'm just glad there is not one on the way to the gym. No one needs that kind of guilt.
Let us all know the stats on Coldplay tickets I'd have to sneak that one in the "needs" column on the budget sheet. :)

Kelly said...

So I waited in line for 30 minutes at KK yesterday. While waiting I remeinded the kids that when they grow up they should remember I did this for them because I was a loving and doting mother. (Melanie gave me the idea, she did it yesterday, when line was one hour long, so she is of course an even better mother).

So far Brian and Pam are in? And Brigham, if someone will expose him to the Coldplay greatness.

P.S. You can leave comments even if you don't want to come to the concert with me.

Kari said...

I just don't think that I can wait until November to see them up here. If I can get all the pesky travel plans squared away in the next 24 hours, you can count me in, too. And then I can start my countdown--it might even call for a paper chain, that's just how excited I would be.

Okay. Breathing deeply, now. Must focus and find a flight.

Jolene said...

Dear Anonymous - I'm glad Pam and I weren't the only ones who liked the movie. You are right about the kiss.

I do love me some Coldplay - I might be in on that concert!

I have been totally slack in my Shelfari updates. I have read some good ones that I will e-mail you.

I'm trying to be strong and not drive by the Krispy Kreme. Your kids will someday recognize the HUGE sacrifice you made getting them those doughnuts!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Yes, ridding your body of diet coke will definitely eliminate the effects of Krispy Kreme. I'm counting on it, anyway.

Lizzie said...

I was going to call you last week and ask if you were going to the concert, but I thought Jake would have been on top of that. I might be up for going.

PS. Pet shop boys was fun. I just remember Brigham and Jake walking out with their hands in each other's back pockets. They were just trying to fit in. So funny

Heidi said...

You are so my husbands' musical soul mate. Now I KNOW what to get him for Father's Day.

And my kids always say, "Mom can we listen to Beautiful World?"

Thanks for stopping by . . .