Friday, June 20, 2008

Stuff I did instead of blogging:

Took all kids to pediatrician for check-ups. Doc says: "does Jane eat enough? She is in the 20th percentile for weight, but she is very tall. From whom does she get it? No offense, but you are a sort of medium-boned gal."

Oh, of course. No offense taken, even if by 'medium boned' you meant 'big arse-ed.'

I've lost 8 pounds since Dr. Smithe (sneaky name change, eh?) made this observation. I should send him a note of thanks!

Was busy keeping Ross in Harry Potters. He read numbers 4-7 in 1.5 weeks. Plus some other books. Was like 2000 pages. Then he quit and started Calvin and Hobbes comic books.

Took kids to Payson. Ate Dairy Queen for dinner. Forgot to take computer for to blog up a storm, as planned.

Instead, painted all nails in 'orange you cute.' Is more tomato red than orange. Is show of solidarity with save the tomato cause.

Re-read some of 1776 by David McCollough for book club (only got to September 1776 this time around, but in my book club, no one ridicules me if I don't finish official club-sanctioned text because have read "The Seduction of the Crimson Rose" instead. It is just that kind of awesome book club filled with wonderful non-judgemental ladies. LOVE my book club). 1776 is great book. Worth finishing out the whole year, even a second time around. Author's depictions of both George Washington and George III very three dimensional. Whole book is chock full of juicy, lengthy quotes from primary sources. My kind of history. Also, I have small crush on Henry Knox, because even though he was short and thick, he was also very smarty and brave, and ran the Brits outta Boston.

Saw Emma Smith movie. How can any one woman have so many trials? Compared to Emma, I have no actual problems. For Emma, my problems would be like Disney vacation. My attitude is fixed completely. No more whining about having kids at home all summer. Is unseemly and mortifying to whine, plus kids and I are actually having a good time. Things are going much better than expected. Unlike they did for poor Emma. Movie is beautifully filmed and her hair is spectacular. Not that I notice such trivial things anymore. Because now, I am a non-whiny and non-shallow, Emma-like, tough cookie. It is still playing through the 26th at the theater by the Bass Pro Shop.

Is nearly 2 am. Need sleep.


Frumpy Luv said...

Dr. No-name needs a punch in the nose!! Ok, so I am working out some agression by blogging at the moment - so don't take me seriously, but still!!

Anonymous said...

Crazy insensitive Doctor!!

That movie sounds good! they would NEVER EVER show a movie like that here where I I guess when I visit Mesa & when we go have lunch, then we can go to the movies, too! :)


((p.s...i added you to my fav. blog list!! thanks for all your comments on my blog! it's fun getting to know you!!!))

Heather said...

So have you changed doctors yet?? My Richard is always low on the charts too. Jane is a doll.
Go Ross, what a reader.
Hope it was somewhat cooler in Payson?

The Motherboard said...

Did you kick your Dr in the shins? I would have! And further, I will for you, if you want me to.
What a dirt bag...

That movie sounds like just the attitude check I need!

Thanks for your comment on my blog... No. We aren't all friends, sitting around eating burgers talking about beeswax. Although I do love beeswax-- the lip goo stuff. :>)

Come back and visit! We can be imaginary friends! (thats what my husband calls my blogging friends!)

One Sassy Mama said...

I think you go to the same Dr Smithe that I used to take my kids too--he always did have an interesting bedside manner...

I loved the Emma Smith show..saw it w/our YW last month--I also felt entirely wicked for my small complaints of life--I can't imagine having to live her life--whoa!

Pam said...

Rude Doc. Congrats on the 8lbs. though that is awesome. Sounds like you have been having some fun adventures with the kids.

I will have to go see the Emma movie sometime. I need something to remind me that my life isn't so bad. Those kinds of movies make you grateful for what you do have. Yes, I believe a must see.