Thursday, March 19, 2009

So, who will go to the Twilight party for me? You know, in the interests of science?

If my kids see that I am on the computer right now, they are gonna lose it. Totally freak out and scream at me. We are heading up to the cabin today. Sometime. When I get stuff packed up. Actually, I let them pack their own stuff, mostly. So I guess we won't be going out in public much. Cause they don't always dress themselves so well. Or remember things, like underpants.

But I really needed to let you know about the big party tomorrow night. 

To which you are all invited. 

It is a Twilight release party. And it is at 9 o'clock tomorrow, in the intimates department of the Wal-Mart on Signal Butte and the 60. 

Yes, seriously. Jake got a flyer for it. 

I'm so sad I'm going out of town. What are the chances that they will have a similar party at the Payson Wal-Mart? 

I think someone should go scope out the party and report back here. Just so we know if people really will spend their Friday evening hanging out with super cheap panties whilst swooning over lusty teen vampires. Is sort of scientific research. Social scientific, anyhow. Anybody?


Melissa Bastow said...

I don't know about the Payson Walmart, but I'm totally going to see if ours is hosting a party in their panty section! Except that I'll be wearing a shirt that says "bite me Edward" and pretend like I'm shopping for granny panties in front of all the jr high girls that are sure to be there. That's my contribution to your social science experiment.

Barbaloot said...

Not a bad place to go...since odds of the movie being sold out there are small, right?

And despite the fact that I fully know where that is, I won't go seeing as I'm doing the UT thing now. Have fun cabin-ing!

P&M CLAN said...

I know some women from my ward that are going to Walmart in Goodyear to wait in line for the DVD that goes on sale at midnight. I won't be going. I already have mine reserved and paid for at blockbuster

heather said...

If I wasn't living in Utah, I'd so go check it out for you,

Hailey said...

I would go if you paid me $1000.00 But not a penny less!

Heidi said...

Super cheap panties and Twilight? That's a lethal combination, right there.

You are missing out, for sure.

wonder woman said...

The Payson Wal-mart is a 7 minute drive from me.

Where's your cabin?

Oh? No crazy stalkers at your cabin this time? Never mind.

jennifer said...

I went to Walmart last night and bought my copy at midnight. If they called it a party it wasn't much. They seriously had a plate of Walmart brand cookies and styrofoam cups of juice. Woo Hoo! Toga! Toga!

Jolene said...

Some data:

Was in Riverton, UT Wal-Mart Friday night 6pm to stock up on caffeine free Dr. Pepper (can't get that here) and was scared by teenagers dressed in skanky prom dresses waiting for "Twilight Prom" starting at 10pm. What were they going to do for the 4 hours in between? Buy cheap panties maybe...

Today, stopped in Page, AZ Wal-Mart to buy Subway sandwiches - small child needed to go to the bathroom. Known fact, bathrooms at the back of the Wal-Mart are consistently less gross than the ones at the front. Noticed a huge Twilight display, paused for one second to peruse - totally accosted by Wal-Mart employee talking up director's diary book and the last 3D poster available.

Twilight release weekend = Wal-Mart nightmares.

susette said...

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Brett and Shireen said...

I happened to go to the Queen Creek WalMart last night (Saturday) to pick up a few things and saw the display and heard someone saying something to the effect of, "Too bad they are out of Edward posters." It wasn't in the intimate's dept though, but that would have made it even better for me.

Hope your weekend at the cabin was a good one. And we all know you were in line at the Payson Walmart at midnight on Friday - don't try to hide it. And you were wearing a prom dress too, weren't you.

What's up with the "solicitation" post?

Claire said...

Is it wrong that I would have chosen Jacob over Edward?

Shellie said...

Thats a triple threat right there.