Friday, March 12, 2010

And I promise not be be so whiny today.

Nope, no baby yet.
But I did get the flu (was severe), but possibly a cold (seems to be relatively short-lived).

Which is fun, but I promised not to whine, so I'll spare you the details.

On the bright side, since I really haven't gotten out (of bed) much in the past 3 days, my ankles have receded a great deal. I like to stare at them and exclaim to Jake: "Look, if I flex it, just so, you can see like 3 centimeters of tendon!" (Now that I'm trying to dilate, I've got metrics on the brain.)

Yesterday I turned down some invasive measures (you know what I'm talkin about, right, ladies? Painful cervical fiddling?) my Doc was willing to inflict on me to get this baby moving, cause Jake wanted to attend this yesterday, more than he wanted to attend the birth of his son. No, I'm not kidding. Very much. But he is in this group, the Zanjeros, and this was their first big project, so he wanted to be there to schmooze and glad-hand golfers. Apparently there was good food (I might consider taking up golf if they fed me sushi and sliders and quesadillas at every hole), free luggage and Addidas golf shoes for all, and 70 degree weather. At least I think it was 70. (I can't remember if I went outside). Anyhow, it all went very well. I think they raised lots of dough for the charities they were looking to fund (check out this one, House of Refuge. I think Jake is on the board?) People are already saving spots for next year.

I'm not at all surprised. The shoes were really cute.

In addition to the golf, Jake (11-year-old scout leader) wants to go to the Boy Scout Camporee tonight. Ross is going, too, cause he turned 11 in January. Jake didn't do the whole scouting thing where he grew up in rural Nebraska, so when I asked Ross what they bought on their troop field trip to Wal-Mart on Wednesday night, I wasn't surprised when the answer was "four cases of pop." I was actually relieved the answer wasn't "four cases of pop, gasoline to light stuff on fire, and ammunition."

Oh. And I told him he couldn't go more than 40 kilometers away from home for the campout. You know, just in case. He said no problem, but let's be honest: neither one of us has any idea how far that is.

Have you (or your doctor) ever tried anything to get labor going (besides pitocin, of course, which has thus far been my drug of choice?) Did it work? Were you pleased, or did you regret it?


Barbaloot said...

Uh---my mama swears by pogo-sticking. Said it worked for her:)

Gini said...

How about the trampoline? You wouldn't even need to go to the hospital.

Leslie said...

The best thing I know of to get labor going is to have a really cocky doctor on call come look at you and say that there is no way you are going to have your baby and that in no way are you actually in labor. Then, when you show up at the hospital in labor a few hours later and he is still on call he will feel totally lame. Other than that...I can't think of anything. :)

Bee said...

I've tried a spicy curry, sex, and raspberry leaf tea. None of them work.

I've tried cervical fiddling twice, and it does work. (It doesn't really hurt . . . at least not in comparison to what is coming. But you know that. You've already had twice as many children as I have.)

Amber said...

I have tried it all. I did have membranes stripped, took 72 hours to go into labor and et voila--baby. I prefer my last two births--induction! You make a date, get a little iv cocktail, make small talk until the epidural comes, and et-voial--baby. Way less pain, drama, misery and all the other stuff that goes along with it.

Thora said...

I'm a lurker, but I wanted to mention a method. My mom took Caster Oil to induce my younger brother - since they were moving, and he had to come. It worked - she immediately went into labor. But she also said it was a harder labor (it was her fifth and last kid) that took longer than most of the rest of us. And she also says that it was so horrible tasting, that she wouldn't necessarily recommend it to someone.

Hmmm, that's not very encouraging, but if you are really desperate, it would work.

Beeswax said...

Well, I had my membranes stripped twice before to avail. Just kind of made my day miserable. With Tom I jumped around on my exercise ball and I did go into labor the night before my scheduled induction. But when you are already a week late, you wonder if it was the chicken or the egg.

gini, if I give birth on the trampoline, it will save me lots of money. I'll consider it. And I don't have to buy a pogo stick, either.

And Amber, my best birth was #2, a scheduled induction. Even tho I only got about half an epidural cause Jane came so fast!

Leslie,I don't want to try it your way. That sounds miserable.

Shelane said...

My mil tried castor oil. (hubby was 1 month overdue, no lie, and we've asked if the dates were just wrong. and then ran) She said it was the worst and didn't even work, just made her violently ill.

I had to have pitocin with my first three.

I took cohosh with my last two. You can get it in a blue/black tincture at Good Earth or some other herbal place. One of them (blue or black, can't remember which and am too lazy to look it up) conditions the uterus to make it more effective and the other starts contractions.

Easiest births EVER. Basically you buy a bunch of root beer and add like 10 drops an hour (don't quote me on that) (and you have to use the rootbeer cos it tastes nasty) and voila.

Well, not really voila, cos if you're not ready it won't work, but it sure seemed to make a big difference in my last 2 pregnancies.

Claire said...

I read a rubbish book. My body, almost as an act of self protection, decided to go in to labour on it's own, rather than read one more chapter of pure dross.

It was a looooong painful labour, resulting in no drugs and a 10lbs baby.

Yikes... the memories are flooding back. Thanks for reminding me of my reasons for sticking with just the three kids.. ;)

Wonder Woman said...

When I was induced this last time, I was at a 2 and fully effaced. I think it's because I "spent a lot of time with my husband" in the preceeding days. But still no contractions on my own.

Go for the induction.

Courtney said...

Have someone rub your feet. Someone I know got their feet rubbed in the "right" spot and wha-la! Baby was born 6 hours later.

Reid and Christine Family said...

I tried swinging, curb walking, sex, and Caster Oil. I was overdue and nothing worked. The Caster Oil is a really really bad idea. Just imagine having violent diarrhea while in labor. Sounds like my worst imaginable nightmare.

I had both of mine being induced by Pitocin. I have never even had a contraction, EVER, on my own.

My water broke, on my own, a few days after my due date. For 2 hours they had me wait (hoping I'd go into labor). Then they decided to have me speed walk in the halls to help start labor. Nothing. They couldn't even say i was dilated to a 1. That's when I met Pitocin. The rest is history.

LeAnn said...

With my first (born in AZ!!!) I was induced with pitocin, so, with my second, I was determined to go into labor naturally, and made it well known to my doctor. I was still three weeks away from my due date when the nurse/midwife in my doctor's practice was checking for dilation. I thought, "She must be having a hard time measuring today, 'cause she sure is digging." She finally removed her entire arm and informed me that she stripped my membranes. I was too timid to say anything to her (what's done is done). So, I went home, feeling completely violated, and prepared to have an early baby within the next 24-48 hours. Gratefully, it didn't work and I was able to make it to the next 2 appointments with the doctor (and yes, I tattled on her!!!). I finally had the baby about 2 days before the due date... but he came so fast that I barely made it to the hospital, so, with my third, I was determined to be induced (pitocin) 'cause I didn't want to have a baby while stopped at a drawbridge or in an underwater tunnel (obviously, not in AZ anymore).

Good luck!!!

Shellie said...

well I have a hard time going in labor on my own but the one thing that worked was getting a pedicure and drinking raspberry leaf tea... oh and I had S with my husband but you have to not go to the bathroom after. the softening jell they put on your cervix to ripen it is mimicking sperm.

Melissa Bastow said...

I had to fight labor for months before having my kids usually over a month early.....I don't know how I did it. I never drank caster oil or jumped on trampolines or had sex. Mostly I just layed around and tried to squeeze my legs together as much as possible. You could try that, but I'm thinking it will have the opposite effect.

Heather said...

Hi Kelly!!
How are you guys?
My sisnlaw gave me the best pedicure and foot rub one evening, in the middle of that night I went to the hospital dialated to a six and had Hunter 3 wks early! YIPEE!! Sorry, didn't mean to rub it in! :)
With Sierrah getting my membranes stripped worked like a charm. I had her a couple hours later.
Hang in there sister! Can't wait to see the newest beeswax member! :)

Kacy said...

I'm so excited for you to have your baby. So you should be induced because I can't wait any longer.