Thursday, March 18, 2010


That 'd' just stands for DUE. Although I probly tricked you because the real D-day was a day of action. And it was June 6.

And I'm just sitting here blogging, trying not to let my mucous membranes get the best of me.

Cause I'm having some sinus pain, which I refuse to call an infection.

Two items of good news:
1. Induction is set for Monday morning, 5 am! So there is an end in sight. Would have liked to do it on Wednesday Morning, 3 am, because that is a really great Simon and Garfunkel album, but I don't want to wait another 46 hours, plus who wants to get up that early?

2. My parents took all the kids to Payson last night, so it is eerily silent here in my house. It feels so weird, I keep thinking the stress will put me into labor.

So I cleaned my kitchen.
Then, the family room.
And I closed all the kids' bedroom doors, so I wouldn't have to look at those messes.

But that is about as much fake nesting as I can force.

So the kids will be home this afternoon. Which gives me like 3 or 4 hours. What should I do with myself? What would you do?


Wonder Woman said...

Sleep. Or go to a movie. Yes! Go see a movie!

You parents drove the kids from Phoenix to Payson last night and will be back this afternoon? Wha?

Beeswax said...

Payson, AZ. Our cabin is up there, only about a hour and 15 minutes away.

The Fear Fam said...

There is, in my mind, only 2 things to do when you're sans kids. 1) Eat all the good stuff you don't want to share with them, and 2) SLEEP!

Good luck on Monday (or maybe before!)

Claire said...

Sleep. Only awaking to fill myself with Ben and Jerry's Half Baked. Then sleep some more. Then wake up to clean the ice cream drool caked round my lazy mouth.

Then sleep some more.

Leslie said...

If I had a few hours by myself in AZ, I would go to Oregano's and get me some Medium Gold buffalo wings. They might even induce labor. :)

Kacy said...

I would lay in bed and watch TV. Fake nesting is tiring.

Bee said...

Is that a Seussian question?
I would read casually and eat avidly. (That is a line that I borrowed from Larry McMurtry. Moving On is the novel.)

("fake nesting" is a great line; so YOU)

Good luck with your D-Day. Next blog post will feature the newborn baby pictures?

Amber said...

If your feet aren't still swollen, I'd be at the salon getting a pedicure,and having anything that needs to be waxed done en mass!

Morgan -Ing said...

I know the end of pregnancy is MISERABLE. (I KNOW!) But at least the house is quiet, and that which you clean will STAY clean. :)

Kari said...

Eat. Sleep. Eat some more.
I'm sure you've got it covered.

Beeswax said...

So I took my cousin Melanie out to lunch for her birthday. Even though her birthday isn't until April 11. I figured
1. you can't ever start celebrating early enough
2. Things might still be a little crazy around here on April 11
3. Good excuse for lunch

Kids are all home now. How many hard-boiled eggs do you think Tommy can eat before he gets sick? Quick somebody go watch Cool Hand Luke.