Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hello Mudder, hello Fodder

So, it seems that five children is a lot. I'm just saying that so in case one of you decides to have five children because "Beeswax made it seem so cinchy on her blog," you can't sue me for something. Like having my pants on fire.

It is fun, though. If you remember that books and blogs and hairbrushing and the kind of vacation where you just sit on the beach and sip Coca Lites (and eat guacamole served by cute beach waiters to your cabana while you read embarrassing chick lit novels and stare at the ocean, and even sometimes get in it because there are no fish that you have an unreasonable fear of because of that lecture on poisonous creatures on the California coast at oceanography camp in the 5th grade) will still be going on in the year 2020 (unless that whole Mayan Calendar thing is for real, and everything will be over sometime next year).

And as we settle into summer, it is feeling less like a frat party and more like a not-very-good summer camp, in which I am the camp counselor who wishes she could sneak into the woods and eat cream puffs, instead of teaching children to make lanyards. Don't get me wrong. I am quite a skillful lanyard-maker. I made one out of green yarn, and hung the pool key from it.

My cousin Melanie had her fifth child last Monday. Baby Abby is fine, but Melanie is still in the hospital with all sorts of complications, so I've been hanging out there when I can.

I think she'd agree with me that five is a lot of kids.
(Who the heck said eight was enough?)


Kari said...

Still in the hospital a week later? Yikes! I hope she's getting better. Give her a hug from me, will you?

Heidi said...

I hear you!! We just added #4 to our growing list of children, and I feel like everywhere I look, all I see is kids. How can four kids be in so many places at once?

I have to tell you though, you make it look easy. I've been following your blog for sometime, and I'm always impressed with how you seem to have everything together. Especially your hair. How do you always look so good?

Best wishes to your cousin. I hope she's home soon.

Kelly said...

I agree with you. Five is plenty for me too. Good luck with your summer camp.

The crazy Shaw Family said...

We will be adding our number 5 this December, and I am getting a little nervous! Hope your cousin is doing ok!

acte gratuit said...

Hmm. I'm glad for this important information as a ponder #5-- Should I or shouldn't I?

But for me the question isn't "will it be cinchy", it's "do I really want FIVE BOYS????"

Amber said...

I used to say 4 or 5 kids. Now that I've discovered me and pregnancy aren't meant to coexist, I think nothing short of a heavenly visitation could convince me to have another.

Although my husband did ask the congregation during his talk yesterday to influence me if they could, to have a 5th!

Wendy Hansen said...

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. I would say that 5 or 6 kids is a lot. No one invites you over because seriously who wants to feed 8 extra people. You can't invite people over because seriously, who wants to hang out with a house full of lunatics? I am constantly reminding myself that relaxation and adult fun will find me someday! Or the Mayan calendar, whichever comes first, either way.

Claire said...

And this is why I closed down my womb from production, after 3.