Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I like Vans. Oh, and we party like it's the first day of school.

Okay, the wedding post is still in the works. But look! It is only 8:30 am on the first day of school, and here I am, on the internets!

Everyone got up early and decked themselves out in hats and sunglasses from the swap meet, plus some brand new Vans.

I love Vans. I got my first Vans in the third grade. They were blue with checks. I had them custom made, cause at age 8 my feet were a women's 7.5 AAAA. In college I wore black on black suede lace-ups. Now Jake wears his Vans with the flames on the sides when he takes me on dates, cause he knows I can't resist Vans. He's very smart. If he were even smarter, he'd wear his argyle sweater with the Vans. But they don't really match, so he won't. I guess he likes fashion better than kissing girls.

We opened a bottle of Martinelli's for breakfast to toast the new year, and then everyone went outside to sit on the road.

How did Sam end up with Cousin Jack's fedora?

This is real. Not staged. Don't miss the dollar sign necklace. His beat-me-up-at-recess tee was in the wash. What? You don't think he'll need it? That's so rude!

I also told the kids that if they started waving their fingers around all willy-nilly like that at my Junior High in LA, they'd probly end up dead. They didn't believe me.

By 7:30, the baby was back to sleep, and the after-party had begun. (Yes, that's Tom's t-shirt, tucked into his Madagascar briefs.)

Happy first day of school to you and yours. I wish you something other than 110 degrees.

Which sort of shoes do you wish your husband/boyfriend would wear?
Which sort accidently get tossed in the trash bin/DI pile?
Do you even care about a man's shoes?
Do you think I should look only on his heart, and not on his black socks and Birkenstocks (is hypothetical. Jake would rather die)?
Do you think I have some sort of fetish?


Barbaloot said...

I'm coveting your daughter's shoes. I have a pair of Van's flip flops that I love more than anything.

I've never been super picky about guys shoes...but I am a sucker for anything Puma. And as long as a guy doesn't wear pink, he's good to go in my book.

Yes, you have a fetish. But doesn't every woman?

Kelly said...

Your back to school celebration is right up my alley. Now I don't feel as if I have to have a color coordinated theme dinner to start off the year!

A bottle of Martinellis it is!

PS We love Vans over here too. Mine were Hawaiian print back in the day and they went nicely with my red Izod and my mullet hairdoo.

Layne said...

Vans are neat, but I'm pretty fond of Sauconys. My husband purposely wears black church socks with his shorts and sneakers, just to be weird.

acte gratuit said...

I love Vans and I love it when Doug wears his. But these days I'm just happy to see anything that isn't a brownish/greenish/khakish boot.

Heather said...

Your babes have grown!!! Hey, I got released!!! :)
Sierrah has converted to vans, she was total converse before. We bought her some nice grey vans. I think they hold up better. She now has purple vans too!
Love Tommy chuggin' down the bottle!