Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yes, like them. Only with two Cindys. And no Tiger.

So my sister Jen really did get married! Some people here in real life thought I was kidding, but I was not kidding. It is real! And some of you might be thinking to yourselves that I never mentioned my sister was getting divorced, and isn't that weird? But you see, blogs are funny like that, because all kinds of stuff can be going on all around you that just isn't yours to write. You must know what I mean. But after more than a year and a half of rough times, Jen has found a nice fella by the name of Jason, and they decided, let's do this thing. Then they decided, if we are going to do it, why wait? And since we are going to be in beautiful San Diego, why not do it there instead of the kitty-litter-box-in-Hades that is Phoenix in July?

And so the hotel set up some chairs, flowers and a fantastic brunch. With California Benedict. It has avocados on it. It is good.

I've been holding out for the real photos, taken by the real photograher, cause I saw them online and it turns out mine don't really look like his. Go figure. But they still haven't arrived. (Oh, but some of these are good. Don't be confused. Those are the ones I stole from Facebook. They were taken by Rand LeSueur.)

The whole bunch.

Jen, Sarah, Jane

Ross, Will, Sam

Jack, Jane, Kaitlyn


Nope, Jen and Jason aren't runty. This is just what your pictures look like when your officiant used to be in the NBA.

I purposely did not put his last name in this post, so he won't google himself and find this picture I stole off the internets.
Ashlee, don't tell!

Danny, Dad, Jen

It was Carlsbad strawberry. It wasn't at all yucky.
(Once I picked off the fondant. Fondant is yucky.)



Danny, Jake and Tom

Jen's good friend Christina (Full House) made this headband and shipped it over just in time!


The cake deserves two pictures, at least.

Mom and Claire

Jen (Cricket and Pip, scroll down for more wedding photos) and Shireen (who went private, probly cuz her kid's too cute and someone would abduct her. Someone like me. )


So anyway, they are off to a good start. I'm not sure the Park Hyatt (neé Four Seasons) Aviara has ever hosted a wedding where a third of the guests were children, but there were only a few moments when we thought we were going to be kicked off the property. Most of them involved Sam.


Reid and Christine Family said...

I've been waiting for pictures! Thank you! It looked amazing and Jen looks so happy. We are so happy for her.

jennie w. said...

Love her dress! So gorgeous!

Kelly said...

Is there a Kitty Carry All involved?

We had one of those blended Brady families too. They rock!

Ashlee said...

No worries. I have to walk him through googling. You're safe.
Jen looks beautiful. It all does. I'm a fan of happy things.

brooke said...

I randomly found your blog one day and realized you were Jen's sister, so I kept on blog stalking! (You are fun to read!) Anyway, Jen and I were roommates the summer of '98 and I just found her on facebook. She looks beautiful, as always!

SBrooks said...

Looks like a wonderful celebration! Everyone looked so picture perfect, even in naughtiness...ahem, Sam. That is the world I know, boys and naughtiness in fancy places like the Four Seasons. I am happy for Jen. She is a wonderful woman and from what I've seen over the years of knowing the two of you, a fantastic sis. Tell her we wish her all the happiness and congrats!

Claire said...


And you're right. Fondant does not have a place in my heart either. But marzipan? Yuss.

Brett and Shireen said...

Love the post! I have seen the professional photos too and they are indeed fabulous. But yours are good too (even if you stole them).

The wedding was fun, especially because no one seemed to care that kids were running all over the place, including mine, who almost ended up in a very pretty fountain.

Can you believe Jen and Jason have 7 kids? I can't. But I'm SO excited to get to see her in her big huge van one of these days.

colette said...

So very happy for them!!!