Thursday, December 02, 2010

Don't hate me for my tape worm

So, I haven't read as many books as I normally would this year, what with the infant being born and the four other children under the age of 12 living here at my house,  all wanting to be fed and clothed and helped with their oral reports on tsunamis or what have you.

But I did read stuff, I just can't remember what it all was. (Except I just finished Sex with Kings, which was non-fiction and fascinating, and not nearly as dirty as it sounds. Royal bastardry was big business.) So perhaps you can tell me some of your favorite books you've read this year, (or you know, ever), and then I'll remember, HEY, I liked that book, too? And then I can take it to book club tonight, where we will be choosing books for the new year, and eating some holiday groceries (I'm making ganache-dipped macaroons. You should come).

And there I will be in my glory, with all the books and the treats. And I shall eat more than your average book clubber, because with all this nursing of my 22 pound baby,
I have developed the coveted HOLLOW LEG, wherein I can store that oreo sundae from Sonic and then the 1.5 more bowls of ice cream I put away yesterday and still lose 3.5 pounds in one day. Yes, fer reals. I won't even mention the six Thanksgiving dinners I dominated, or that I've had pie for breakfast 10 days running. (I'm just hoping it is a hollow leg and not a tape worm. But if my tape worm is wrong, I don't want to be right. I've lost 50 pounds since April, and am on my way back to medium-foxhood.)

And in Coldplay news:

Yeeesss! Muchos gracias para the cancion de la Navidad, Chris! (And the restofya, too. Whatever.) Lovely. Keep up the good work. And by keep up the good work, I mean, don't go country like your wife (and Jewel), and grow your hair out a little tiny bit. Gracias.

Now perhaps I can entice my kids to watch something other than Don't Shoot Me Santa. Which Jake feels in not appropriate for children. And Jake is no prude. But Brandon Flowers in that sweater con las maracas? Worth a peek, I tell ya.

Now don't forget about the books, just cuz I confused you with all the talk of bastards and parasites and holiday songs that have absolutely nothing to do with the baby Jesus.

What should we read for book club in 2011?


tarable said...

Wish I was going to your bookclub tonight, I'm missing mine this month. I've enjoyed The Book Thief and the Elegance of the Hedgehog.

One of these days I'd like to meet you, since we must live fairly close. We're at the same high school & I even spotted you at Fry's last week, although I was too embarassed to say hello.

Hope you have fun tonight! The macaroons sound heavenly.

Barbaloot said...

I'm sorry, but I do in fact hate you for your tape worm.

Beeswax said...

Tarable, You should have said hello! I would love to meet up sometime! Let's go to lunch!

And Barbaloot, I was afaid someone might feel this way, which is why I told you in the post title not to hate me. Is your own fault.

Wonder Woman said...

1. Totally hate you for your hollow leg/tape worm.

2. We read The Book Thief and The Handmaid's Tale. Both fascinating. And, of course, The Help. If you haven't read it already, do.

3. Love. Coldplay.

Amber said...

I may not be able to be your bloggy friend with the tapeworm/breastfeeding deal. Easy skinny is sort of a friendship deal breaker for me.

I love Chris Martin;

I want to join a book club, but I never know anyone near me in one. My books are probably all old to you: of course Hunger Games, any Patrick Taylor "Irish Country..." Jerry Spinelli "Star Girl" and I kinda liked Pam Jenoff "Almost Home" but was ticked at the ending until I heard there is a follow up book. Would start some good discussions, though. Oh, and few LDS authors I like, but I did like Sandra Grey's "Traitor" and "Tribunal".

InkMom said...

I may or may not have commented on this blog before . . . but today I just had to say right on about the Coldplay song. I had the happy message in my inbox yesterday and a new Coldplay song will never be bad news. Ditto on Brandon Flowers.

Fiction cannot seem to hold my attention lately. I have trouble suspending my disbelief in the extreme, which is why I've been reading nonfiction a lot. Just finished "Freakonomics." Really enjoyed it. Is your book club Mormon? If not, you could read "Prince of Tides". It's got some rough stuff in it, which I would bring to a non-church sponsored group, but the language in places is . . . exquisite. There's a description of spider webs that deserves an award or something, or at least an "attaboy!" for Mr. Conroy. I identify a great deal with the southern-ness of his syntax. I can smell the magnolias right now.

And I may be crossing the line here, but solely based on musical taste, we might be long lost sisters. I am still sad for you that your U2 concert was canceled. (Does it make me a stalker that I remember this, and you don't know who I am? Don't be too weirded out -- I'm just wired to not forget things, as insignificant as those tiny things may be.) Because I saw it in Atlanta and it was fantastic. But still not quite as good as the Vertigo tour, which was transcendental.

Okay. I'm done now. Hi. My name is Emily and contrary to my blog name, I might actually be a little bit crazy. Who isn't?

Kari said...

You really shouldn't flaunt your long, hollow legs, especially in front of us short, stumpy folks who are (after a short Thanksgiving week break) back to running four times a week, consuming no more than 800 calories a day and still gaining weight. Is not fair.
(Except for the Loft jeans--which fit great in the store and are now far too big. While the rest of my jeans are getting tighter, Lofts are falling off. How does that marketing scheme work? Which begs the question, are things really just THAT different in AZ?)

Kari said...

Am loving the new ColdPlay. It's on repeat. Not sure how the violin-playing Elvi got in there, but it just feels so right.

Bee said...

I do envy you the hollow leg, but I will pass on the 22 pound infant (although I'm SURE he is lovely).

Be sure to tell us what books get chosen! Do ya'll go with themes, or does everyone get a pick, or is it more or less a random process?

Hailey said...

You, of all people, deserve a hollow leg, so rock on, girl.

I am reading Tim Gunn's Golden Rules book and enjoying it very much, but I already loved him so he had me at the intro.