Thursday, December 09, 2010

I jinxed my hollow leg

by talking about it here on the internets. Either that or I filled it with pastrami and cupcakes.


Now I have to go to kids' school to watch oral report on tsunamis, then back home to write pithy, self-deprecating Christmas letter that will warm people's heart cockles and spread Christmas cheer in only one to two paragraphs so no one will be bored. Is too much pressure.

Have you written your Christmas letter yet? Can you please cut and paste it into the comments section, or send it to, so that I may become inspired by your brilliant writing (i.e. plagiarize)?

Thanks, then, in advance.

P.S. I've only gotten like three cards this year. Is it because we moved a year ago and the post office isn't forwarding anything and I didn't send anything out last year cuz I was pregnant and in a bad mood? Or have I done something to offend everyone I know?


Kacy said...

After an "off" year of not sending cards I got nothing in the mail for Christmas. People are unforgiving. REMEMBER THAT.

jennie w. said...

I just wrote "if you really want to know what's going on then read my blog."

I hate newsletter because they really don't say anything that interesting. Your daughter likes to listen to her ipod? Wow. Earthshattering. Your son plays soccer? So does everyone's.

I think they should be funny. I don't want people to try to impress me.

And for heaven's sake DO NOT try to turn your year into a poem. It's a waste of your time.

Barbaloot said...

Here's my card:


Another year passed. Merry Christmas. I'm still single which means I have nothing amusing or clever to write.

You're welcome to use that all you want:)

Amber said...

Glad to hear you are human what with the hollow leg phenomenon ending. We just moved, and even though I harassed friends on facebook for addresses, I've only received 4 cards.

I like short letters that tell it like it really is, rather than the perfect family nonsense.

As for pictures that are all glossy and photoshoped and hide my double chin? Yeah, all for that kind of fake perfection!

Reid and Christine Family said...

I didn't send a card last year and this year, well . . . it's not going to happen. Hopefully I don't get blacklisted from others lists. There's always next year . . . .

Wonder Woman said...

Do you read DeNae (backordered life) or Melanie J (Write stuff?) Apparently DeNae had a contest and the winner got a Christmas letter for their family written by her. Melanie just posted it -- HILARIOUS!

Gini said...
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