Monday, February 23, 2009

Confu-Sam say:

Sammy turned 6 last week. 
Not 100. 
In case you were confused.

You might be confused, because Sam is often wise beyond his years.

He likes to make us notes and post them around the house. They might be lacking a certain Leonardo-ish-ness, but they are sage and pithy.

I'll start with my favorite, which was posted on the garage door when Jake and I came home from our Valentine dinner:
"Sam. Worst Valentine's Day ever. I want to run away." (Ross stopped sharing his balloons because Sam had already popped three of them. Running seemed the only option.) 

Here's another holiday note, from a few days earlier:
"Valentine's Day Rocks. Love Stinks. To: Mom From: Sam." 
HUH? Is too deep for me to fully grasp, I think.

This was plucked from under his pillow:
"Dear tooth fairy, my tooth fell in the Lego box. I am sad. Love, Sam." 
(Our tooth fairy is super flaky. Turnaround time is often a week or more.)

Found this little treasure hanging in the pantry, just above the trash can:

And this one, in the Church bag:

"I love my home on erth."

This came home from school:

On the reverse side:
"I have a dream that every day would be a fun day."

And finally, while on the way home from Chick-fil-A on Friday night, some advice on how to make friends:

Me: Jane, did you make a new friend in the play area? You are really good at making new friends.

Sam: Oh, Mom. I am sooo good at making friends! It is really easy. You just play with them, and play with them, and play with them, and then you have a new friend. That's how I got my girlfriend, Brunae. (He spelled it for me. I think he might not know his girlfriend's name.)

Happy 6th, Sammy! (Taken at the Beeson bonfire last month)

Here's to 94 more!


wonder woman said...

I love his version of MLK's dream. Perfectly sensible for a 6 year old, but hilarious is context!!! What a great kid.

Barbaloot said...

Sam and I have the same dream!

Julie said...

too cute!! I just got one of those wonderful letters last night!! It was simple though, I love you mom with a picture of me drawn on it...all beady eyed and big mouthed!! Great to know thats how my children think of me.

corrie said...

That is great! I love his notes. Our tooth fairy is super flaky too. My oldest (12) has come to remind the parents to remind the tooth fairy to NOT forget her brother's tooth is under the pillow. sigh. What is it about that toothe fairy?

Varney Family said...

So super fun! He is quiet the creative little guy! We love sitting by you at church and sharing crayons and such :) Happy B-day Sam with the cool hair!

LisAway said...

What a super cutie. And a smartie. He's a lot like his momma, I think.

Heidi Ashworth said...

What a jewel of a post! Loved it!

Heather said...

He is so cute! Love all his drawings and thoughts!

Fiona said...

Cute! My boys always make signs that say "no moms allowed"

Melanie J said...

Love stinks at six? Wow. Sixteen is going to be a real drag.

Gini said...

Guard those little notes with your life! Archive them or something! They are precious.

heather said...

That's fabulous! :) How fun to come across those notes.

colette said...

totally cute!

Pam said...

What an artist you have. Sam is so cute and I love his 6 yr old reasoning. I think we all wanted to run away at one time in our childhood. Just be glad he left you a note first :)

Renae said...

Our tooth fairy has written MANY apology notes for being late. Then she feels like they should get more $ so they will forgive the poor overworked fairy. I think she's ready to retire and let the eldest fairy child take over. Will save us $ and guilt.
Loved Sam's art. The earth was pretty impressive!

Lizzie said...

I love Sam so much! He always makes me smile.