Thursday, April 16, 2009

My sister called me just now, and she said...

Sister Jen: Hello. I just bought something. Can you guess what it is?

Kelly: No.

Sister Jen: It is called Kindle. Do you know what it does?

Kelly: Yes.

Sister Jen: What?

Kelly: It gets unruly earwax out of your ears.

Sister Jen: No. It doesn't. You read from it. It is like a little computer. You can buy books wirelessly and read them right away. It holds 1500 books. And it will even read aloud  to you.

Kelly: ( backtracking) Oh, yes. Now I see. I would like one of those.

Jen: I thought you would. Now, will you go on Ebay and help me choose a chic Kindle carrying case?

Kelly: Yes. I like the one with the birds. Or the orange with blue flowers.

Jen: Both excellent choices. What was all that about earwax?

Kelly: Candling, Kindling. Is very confusing.

Do any of you have Kindle or know someone who does? 
Do they enjoy reading from a screen? 
Is this the future of reading? (It sure would have been nice for college textbooks.)
Do I need to get rid of all my sagging Ikea shelves full of paperbacks and get one of these doo-dads? 

When I say doo-dads, does it make me seem like a very old lady? 
(Cause I'm not. I'm still 100% medium-foxy.)

Go to Kelfari for today's book review!


wonder woman said...

I have never heard of this. Ever. Sounds interesting.....but I do like traditional books. Maybe I'm old, too.

p.s. L O V E the cute curly haired blonde from The Mentalist. Simon Something? He's got an adorable accent in real life.

megs said...

Kindling, candling. Very confusing.

I agree!!!

Kari said...

The Man loves reading on the computer. And loves audio books even more. Me--I must have pages. I love the book, itself. And turning down pages and marking them up and dog-earing them. And leaving something in them as a makeshift bookmark that I am bound to find later. I'm gonna be one of those old ladies, of whom my grandchildren will say, "she's so ancient, she still reads books."

And since it's being brought up (though I'm missing the context) I also love Simon Baker. He caused me such confuddlement in "Devils Wears Prada" because I knew she should like her Entourage boyfriend, but I really sort of wanted her to end up with hottie blonde man. (He does a really good American, considering he's very Australian. He should be Australian more often.)

tarable said...

So, where do I sign up to get a sister like that? Nice gift!

I've heard of these and some people really like them. You miss the real book feel, but having all those books at your fingertips is nice.

Melanie J said...

I got the Sony Reader for Christmas because my husband was sick of bringing a separate suitcase for my books on vacation. That is not an exaggeration. Anyway, he got me the Reader, which is the exact same thing as a Kindle, and I love it. I've read several books on it and will probably read most of my future book purchases on it just because it's really convenient and it looks like reading off of an actual page because there's no back light like on a computer monitor. It's actually not at all like reading on a computer. The Kindle is the same way because I played with my friends the other day.

I'm going to pretend that I'm not as big of a nerd as this makes me sound.

Joele and Matt said...

This is going to be off the Kindle subject...How the heck are you? Thanks for commenting on my blog so that I could find you here. You look great and I can't wait to catch up on all you've been up to! You also have a great looking family by the way:)

Banteringblonde said...

Doodads? No way, I use that term all the time! My mom has a kindle and loves it, I think I'd like it - although I kind of like the physical touchy part of reading....

acte gratuit said...

I've seen candling in action. I'd prefer a kindle.

Lorie said...

This is on my husbands wish list for his birthday. It is a little different than reading on a screen because it isn't back-lit like a computer screen and somehow uses a toner? Don't ask me. But my husband (who prints out everything because he doesn't like to read things on a screen) swears that this is better!

Brett and Shireen said...

My Aunt, who is an avid reader, takes her kindle everywhere she goes and loves it. Makes it easier to have something to read wherever you go - the gym, waiting for kids at school, church, dr office, etc. I would love to get one, perhaps my husband will think of it for Mother's Day. I could have used a kindle yesterday, I went to Joann's to get some fabric and had the slowest woman alive helping me at the cutting table. Took like 20 minutes to get one piece of batting cut. Seriously, could have used something to read.

Annie Valentine said...

I don't think I could stand reading from a screen. I have a hard enough time reviewing manuscripts without printing them out. And I'm not an audio book fan.

I also think the horseless carriage was a stupid idea.

clan of the cave hair said...

Doodad only sounds old in a 40's style pin-up girl kind of way...still totally hot. LOl

Hailey said...

I love Simon Baker--he's adorable!

Oh, and my friends love Kindle, although I have never tried it.