Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Potty diary: Day 1

And so. 
9:40 am  
Mother gets idea that Small Child might be ready for toilet-training.

10:00 am
Bought small frog-shaped potty, to inspire Small Child's bladder and bowel evacuation. 

10: 15 am
Bought Robin Eggs as reward for filling frog.

11:00 am 
Removed Small Child's diaper. 

11:05 am  
Child is thrilled to be liberated from restrictive pants. 

11:10 am
Spends some time inspecting himself, now that he has access to his dangly bits.

11:20 am  
Child becomes nervous and begs for diaper.

11:25 am  
Small Child not at all thrilled about potty. In fact, seems sort of frightened. Maybe is because potty has eyes and feet. Is maybe not the best idea for potty. Is maybe the reason potty was on sale?

12:00 pm child finally coaxed onto potty with a single Robin Egg, and sits on it (torlet, not Robin Egg) while he eats his lunch. Yes, Mother understands is unhygienic.

12:10 pm  
Small child fills frog potty!!
(with mac and cheese)

12:50 pm  
Child is re-diapered and put down for a nap.

2:00 pm  
Mother eats half bag of Robin Eggs by herself during nap time.

2:10 pm  
Mother rationalizes that she deserves poo candy cause she totally used the toilet, no problem. All day long, in fact. Although she didn't use the frog potty.

2:30 pm 
Mother did three sudoku puzzles. She is loving sudoku. Why did no one ever tell her about sudoku before? Is way fun, and not as nerdy as you think! 

3:00 pm  
Small child's older siblings come home and wake him. Eldest sister sees potty and removes small child's diaper without telling Mother. She brings books and musical instruments outside with potty, and small child sits and reads for a very long time. 

4:00 pm  
Small Child produces 3 drops of urine! It falls in frog potty! Mother and siblings make big stink over it. 

4:01 pm
Child gets candy reward.

5:00 pm  
Naked small child dons giant roller skates. Gets back on potty. Mother takes photos.

5:05 pm  
Elder siblings clamor to get own photos taken, too.

Father comes home. Small child immediately pleads with Father for a diaper. Father concedes.


bionictrout said...

We have the same frog toilet(s). They are creepy. Who gets excited to defecate into a frog?

Heidi Ashworth said...

They're all very cute. Is that any consolation? (so glad those days are over for me!)

Jenni said...

Cutie story...I am dreading the potty training thing with Austin...I think he's starting to not like things in his diaper so we may be on th verge. Best of luck to the small child's success!

LisAway said...

Wow, Beeswax! You used the potty! You totally deserve the other half of the bag of Robin Eggs. I know I would.

Congrats on the three drops. the roller skate/frog potty picture is terrific. And your children are gorgeous. But I'm sure you already knew that.

jt said...

go tommy! go kelly! love the photos of the kids too.

erin said...

That roller skate/potty picture is so awesome. Yay Tommy!

Hailey said...

I was just going to comment that we had two of those cute frogs sitting in our bathroom right now, and then I read my husband's comment...

Kari said...

Wait. I used the potty all by myself all day yesterday, too. With no reward whatsoever. Must go to the Wal-Mart--I'm thinking those butterfinger chocolate eggs will be appropriate.

Shelby Lou said...

you can potty in a potty??? say what?!?! haha loved this post. so funny.

Wendy said...

Very funny. I'm so glad that his "dangly bits" were not harmed during the writing of this post.

HELLO my name is Jill said...

the beeswax blog is where I come to chuckle... i hate the work lurking, but even so I still do. And I totally know all about the nice indians behind you. Funny that you have a picture of that sign. so here's my connection... wendy the above commenter is my cousin and coincidently your sister used to be in my ward.

pretty much this is the best blog ever. Everyone should read it.

Jaime Theler said...

You know, you really should try that book Toilet Training in a Day (or something like that). It goes with the theory that all you do for one day is work on potty training. And it will make this experience really not that bad. *Hint* It doesn't work. By the end of that day both my little guy and I would happily have thrown the potty out the window. With glee, even. Good luck!

Melanie J said...

I didn't realize I got chocolate for using the potty. I'm seriously short changing myself.

Jolene said...

Ross told me all about the potty training during car pool the other day. I'm glad I only have one boy - and he was four before he was trained. Was a little scared he would start kindergarten in pull-ups. Cheerios floating in water were the key. He loved to shoot them down. Lots of fun - huge mistake - made ginormous urine/toilet water messes in bathroom. Girls are way easier.

Fiona said...

I want a frog potty and I want candy too! This post is too cute - thanks for the chuckles!

wonder woman said...

How funny that this is happening at the same time for us. I must admit that I haven't been terribly consistent. With family visiting and errands to run, he's been in diapers for a few days. One difference: my husband is VERY ready for small son to be potty-trained. Thinks it's past-time already. I'm just glad you didn't have accident after accident like I did.

Julie said...

how old is small child? mine is already 3 and I fear he will be a small adult before he uses the potty!

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Gosh. That was hilarious! As terrible as potty training is, it's always good for a laugh (and some robin eggs!). The frog-potty-on-roller-skates picture is too funny for words. I love it.

Rebecca said...

Hi, I just came across your blog here by doing a little Google image search of the frog potty. (I was bored). My 3 year old son has the frog potty and I'm sorry to say that the potty training comes and goes. We're getting there - just a little a time. Anyway, your detailed day with the frog potty had me cracking up! I so understand the stress with feeling the need to eat something like a half bag of robin eggs. (And they're so good too). My only problem with the frog potty seat with Lucas is that sometimes pees over - despite this potty being specially made for boys without a guard. (I'm just glad he doesn't fear the big eyes of the frog)