Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thinking about pie.

What I'm thinking about:


What I ought to be thinking about:

emptying out some of the boxes in the hallway so that when Kari and Craig come from Utah for Thanksgiving, they won't have to slither sideways to get to their room.

But pie is more interesting. I have been assigned the pumpkin pies for our holiday meal. This might sound important, but my Mom thinks pumpkin pie is yuck (but likes apple-mince, which actually IS yuck), and offered to buy them at Costco. I was horrified, and took the job myself. So I have spent some pleasant hours perusing internet recipes and reviews, and I am thinking maybe I will mix it up a little and make Paula Deen's pie, which includes some cream cheese? I trust Paula will not get too crazy, nor try to make it healthy or something lame like that. But will people stab me with their greasy turkey forks if I deviate from the pie on the back of the Libby's can? Is a serious question.

I will also be in charge of Ardy's rolls again (recipe here. But, as usual, I get pretty blabby, so you will have to scroll down so much you'll develop carpal tunnel), which everyone agrees actually are important. So important, in fact, that cousin Melanie and I will both be making double batches, so everyone can take bags of rolls home for leftovers. Cause how can you make those little turkey sandwiches with stuffing and gravy and cranberries in a roll, if all the rolls are gone? You see my point.

Lastly, I will be making the cranberry jell-O. This is an act of love, because as you might remember, I love jell-O. First I make the cranberry sauce in the food processor. (1 apple: 1 orange with rind: 1 bag of fresh cranberries: 1 cup (or more) of sugar. I usually make twice that much.) Then I make lots of cran-raspberry jell-O with half the liquid, and add some of the cranberry sauce/relish to the jell-O (about two cups for a 9x13. Add finely chopped pecans and even some extra finely chopped celery. Eat it with lots of whipped cream. (Don't be stingy. I whip my cream by the quart.) So good, I usually consume one pan myself, over the course of the weekend. Although, last year Kari might have helped me? Kari? Is this true?

Anyhow, now that I think about it, both Kari and Craig are both quite lean and svelte people (they are runners, and it shows. No, I don't really know if they run. I also don't know how many of you get my Office quotes, or how many just think I'm odd. Do you run, Kari?) and will have no problem getting down the hallway with all the boxes. (You know, if my pie daydreams continue to get in the way of the unpacking.)

So, what are YOU making for Thanksgiving dinner? Is it delicious? Should I make it sometime? You can leave me the recipe if you like, and I will probly try it. I'm not lying to you.

(P.S. New Moon tonight is at 7, with bleu cheese burgers at The Keg first. I'm not up for this midnight stuff. Like any middle-aged pregnant woman, I like to see my teen vampire romance movie sequels at a reasonable hour.)


wonder woman said...

We will either be dining at a co-worker's house for thanksgiving, or having a small dinner with our small family. It it's the latter, I'm hoping for gourmet sandwiches and snack foods.


Thanksgiving makes me sad we live 16 hours from the parents.

Beeswax said...

Now, I am not one to turn my nose up at a gourmet sandwich, but on THanksgiving? No, you should at least got find a nice buffet. (When my husband waited tables at the Carver's in Orem, which is of course gone now, he had to work THanksgiving and we couldn't go home, so we went there. It was dang good.)

Barbaloot said...

I'm always in charge of the yams. I consider it a challenge to make REALLY good ones since people are weird and don't always love to eat them. I usually make two kinds: the marshmallow kind I mash the yams and mix them with butter and sweetened condensed milk (Thanksgiving is not a time to be healthy) and then of course put marshmallows on top.

The other kind I make an apple pie filling. Then I cook the yams but don't mash them---just slice. I do a layer of yams, layer of filling, layer of yams, layer of filling.

Basically, it tastes awesome.

And I'm going to New Moon tomrrow. Can't wait!

Brett and Shireen said...
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Brett and Shireen said...

We're going to my Aunt and Uncle's again this year, and I'm in charge of the pumpkin pie (I make Grandma Brown's pumpkin chiffon which is super delicious), strawbery rhubarb pie, and the rolls. I'll happily email you recipes if you would like.

And I dig your office quotes.

And thanks for sharing your Jr Mints and for the tasty rice krispy treats. Seriously, that was the best RKT I've ever had. I want some jello the next time I come over.

And sorry for the double posting. I had a spelling error that couldn't be overlooked, and had to delete.

Jolene said...

Kelly you are speaking my language with the turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwich on left over rolls. I'm pretty sure that sandwiches are my love language.

Beeswax said...

I keep thinking about the yams with the pie filling. I will have to try those.

Shireen, for the RKT I use 5-6 tbsp butter: 1 bag mini marshmallows: 8 cups krispies. Brown the butter in the pan before you add the marshmallows, and add about a teaspoon vanilla just before the krispies. But stir it in for a minute to let the alcohol burn off or you can taste it in the final product. I think if Melanie had eaten a treat she would have liked the movie better.

Jolene,I think sandwiches are the universal love language. That's why they don't mention them in the book.

Barbaloot said...

Let me know if you try the yams. I have a pie filling recipe if you want...but it's pretty standard.

Kari said...

Of course I run. Towards pie. Every time.

And speaking of pie, I'm making the pies. That was my assignment, thought I. I've been making practice versions all week. I have now mastered the pumpkin, albeit a custardy-version (in addition to the cake version that will be with it) and I can always whip out my peach or my apple, too, at which I am quite a genius.

The jello, however, is all you. I've never been able to get that just right. Me thinks you are leaving out important details, not unlike Marie Barone. Me thinks I will need to watch you make it to be sure of the recipe.

Sinclair said...

Our favorite recipe (from fresh pumkins that we boil ourselves) is on my blog here:

We have made this 5 times since Halloween, and I never liked pumpkin pie before. You have not had pumpkin pie until you make it from scratch.

And, REALLY--is easy!

Sinclair said...

If you don't want to go to my blog for it, here it is (notice 3 recipes: one for pie, one for substitute for sweetened condensed milk, one for the crust)

for the pie, I used my blender/food processor to smooth the cooked pumpkin, and followed the recipe.

However, I don't like processed sweetened condensed milk, so I used this recipe to substitute for it:,183,151170-244199,00.html

This pie didn't even last 48 hours in our house. I made my own butter crust with this recipe:

Hailey said...

I am SO making that cranberry Jello, and your cousin will be making everything else. He's a keeper this time of year, that's for sure...

Thatchers Treehouse...Tami said...

Sorry...Im blog stalking....I wish I could make Artiths rolls, but alas....i am roll challenged. I can cook ANYTHING else (except for eggplant which is YUCK) but Ardith's rolls are my sisters job. Have a great Thanksgiving.
(Cindy's Sister, Brittney and Ashley's Aunt)