Friday, August 29, 2008

Canal Street COACH giveaway tomorrow! Enter NOW! (And also, a joke. That isn't funny. At all.)

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Here's a joke.

What do you call five crickets in your bathroom sink?


Scorpion bait.

It isn't a very funny joke.

Told you so.

Kids and babysitters found him Saturday night. They chased him around the living room, shot him with nerf guns, attempted to drown him (unsuccesfully), poked at him with sticks, and then released him into storm drain.

Photo courtesy of Kendree the babysitter's cell phone.


Heather said...

You don't even live by Breanna and you are getting the same critter's, maybe a snake next???

Lorie said...

ICK!!! Glad no one got stung!

jt said...

ick. sorry about the scorp! warn tommy so he doesn't want to pick it up and play with it. we should make up some bug flash cards with a good bug pile and a bad bug pile, no?

Eric and Breanna Graham said...

that scorpian looks huge! Holy crap! Time to get rid of the scorpian food (crickets). I HATE scorpians and I can't stand killing them either. They're too big. So I just trap them until Eric gets home.

Pam said...

What in the world are you letting your kids play with over there? I'm sure the nerf guns were the best attempt at killing him :)
Just be glad that he didn't get away in the house. Although letting him live (the humane thing to do of course) wouldn't have been my first idea. The kids and Kendree were far to kind. Just hope he didn't like his feast in the sink enough to want to come back.

Beeswax said...

No, no. I WASN'T home when all this occurred. Only kids and babysitters. That thing would have been flattened with a hammer in 10 seconds flat if I had been home.

wonder woman said...

HOLY CROW. I though the punchline would be something about how the post should have come on wednesday. I was NOT expecting a scorpian!!!

And can we enter your drawing more than once? =D

The Motherboard said...

Yikes. I would be doing the freak-out bug dance if I were there!

It would be both funny and disturbing.

P&M CLAN said...

I'm always afraid one day i'll see one in my house or in the yard! Time to call the exterminater and get rid of my crickets!! I bet the kids had fun trying to get him with the nerf guns! My kids use the nerf guns to try and kill moths on the ceiling!