Saturday, August 30, 2008


So who's the big winner?

Vanna (daughter Jane) and I put all the comments in the purse, and she drew one out!
Congratulations to...

Shanana at Three Men and a Little Lady!
She commented:

Fake Coach Couture?!? I'm THERE!I have to admit, I'm quite jealous of your 36
inch inseam. I am about 36" tall (TOTAL) and constantly have to have the podium
lowered for me when I get up to speak in sacrament meeting... Even when it's a
youth speaker that precedes me. BTW, I added you to my blog roll, since I seem
to have developed a habit of stalking your very entertaining musings. Hope you
don't mind.

No, I don't mind, Shana! As a matter of fact, in gratitude, I'm going to send you a purse!

It looks like Shana is a Mom and a Pediatric Dentist (very impressive, Shana, but we all know we only get the cream of the blogging crop here at Beeswax, so we aren't surprised that you are amazing. We are uppity that way) who lives in Santa Monica, CA. As I analyzed her profile, in a sort of stalky way, I noticed we both love The Office, So You think You Can Dance, chocolate, O Brother Where Art Thou, Death Cab for Cutie, Les Miserables, and Harry Potter. Might I also go so far as to suggest that we both probably like pizza and puppies, too? And rainbows? And I'm totally for world peace. What about you?

So now, the bag will make it's way to the left coast, to live on the arm of a woman who is 36 inches tall! Unless she is lying! Which she probably is! Because in her picture she looks bigger than that! Like at least 42 inches, which is big enough to get on the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland!

I should ask her how she likes that ride, and then if she says "it's AWESOME!," then she'll totally feel the mode, cause I'll have tricked her into revealing that she is really over 42 inches tall, instead of a puny 36.

I'm a genius.
Unless she gets wise to me. And says "Indiana who?"

So, Shanana, please email me at with your address, and I will ship this purse outta here! From China, to Canal Street, to Mesa, to your door!

Thanks to all who entered, and who told me how fabulous my new jeans are. They are fabulous! They are magic jeans. My head is swollen from all the compliments. Thank you, blogging friends.
I feel the need to respond to a few comments:

Brigham, I'm not sure this thing is really leather. I'm not sure it could have handled the wrenches.

Fake Jodi Foster, I am so excited to e-meet my famous stalk-lebrity! Please come back often.

To Hailey, who wants the rearside view of my jeans: such a picture might theoretically exist, but it will not make it into cyberspace. Unless someone is willing to match in dollars whatever Brangelina got for the first pics of the twins.

To Kitchen Ditcher, who went home to her blog and whined that she wasn't cool like me: Ask anybody. I'm not cool, either. It is just the jeans. I'm super nerdy, and I like it that way.

To Lisa, at Away From It All, who gave me my very first blog award! Lisa lives in Poland, people. And she has a cool blog, which you should go visit. So, what that means is that this is a

Which is such a coup.

But then she linked to Sue, who said blog awards were less like awards than STDs, so I don't know exactly what to think of that? Except that it is sort of true. But still, I am grateful to receive such a MAJOR INTERNATIONAL AWARD.


McEwens said...

DARN... I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hoping it would be me! I was so excited to check... but at las, it is not.... I guess I was just too tall....

Shanana said...

World peace and rainbows rock! And I love puppies (except when they pee on your carpet)! And YAY Chinese knock-off purses!!!!

O.K. You got me on the height thing (4'10" is actually 58 inches, so I have partaken of the Indiana Jones ride a few times...and it IS awesome, except the part where the blow darts are supposed to feel like they're whizzing past your head, I can only feel glance off the top of my tallest hairs...AND I have to sit in the front row of the car or I can't actually SEE the giant snake that comes popping out at you because it remains obscured by somebody's big head in front of me.)

So anyways, THANKS! I look forward to sporting my new stylin' purse with my favorite petite jeans that I still have to hem and wear "working girl" shoes with to keep the edges from dragging on the ground. (Or maybe I'll pull out my favorite cropped jeans that actually hang down to my ankles and then I won't have to hem anything!) It will be quite a fetching ensemble, I assure you.

Lisa said...

Congrats to the vertically challenged Shanana!

And I'm so glad that you saw that award for what it is (MAJOR INTERNATIONAL AWARD) without my having to put it in so many words, and despite it's humble appearance.

And when I said that I feel ALMOST the same way as Sue about blog awards, that little STD part is where we differ. So rest assured, I didn't mean it that way. :)

Frumpy Luv said...

congrats to Shana - very exciting for her and I am glad she's getting that awesome bag ... lovin' your international award and pondering the STD comment as well.

Alyson said...

Congrats to Shanana! See I can be a good loser, even though I'm still simmering inside. :-)

Also, congrats to you on your STD, oops I mean your major international award. You actually deserve it (not the STD, the award). I love reading your blog as much as I can!

Pam said...

Happy purse wearing Shanana. I am a bit jealous because who wouldn't want a stylin' famous fake China bag?

Congrats on the award. I keep telling you that you are famous and now you have an international award to prove it.

Lizzie said...

So you packed Sam a lunch, but he was signed up for hot lunch he had 2 lunches. I tried to eat his 1/2 pb&j sandwich but he insisted on eating his pizza and the sandwich. Maybe I should have put some starburst or gushers in my pocket so I had something to barter with him! he was shocked when he saw me on the playground and then came and gave me a BIG hug :)