Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cousin Joe Sings Christmas songs. You want his CD for free?

I think you people should buy like 100 of these and give them to all your relations and what- nots. (Who-nots?)

Or, getting only 10 would be okay, too. 

Or, I guess, just one, even. 

You can order them HERE.
Or you can go see them at the Mesa, Arizona LDS Temple, Dec. 20 at 7 pm for a free concert.

What's that you say? How about I give away a CD for free?

Yeah, okay, I will.

So leave me a comment to enter. And if you link to this giveaway in your cozy corner of the internets, you are entered again! And if you buy one for somebody else, you are entered again! And if you leave me a comment telling me how I'm awesome, you are entered 10 more times!

No, scratch the last one. I already know I'm awesome. Sometimes. (Not so much today, though, when I've been cleaning my house ALL THE WHOLE DAY LONG, and I think I forgot to brush my hair. And maybe my teeth. But my house is pretty awesome. You should come over.)

And since I'm going to be out of town, then very busy with COLDPLAY and then the turkey, let's let this CD thing go until Monday, December 1, shall we? About 10ish am? 

Okay! See you then!

P.S. Joe and I were in a fake band together for like two weeks in 1995. We played a sweet gig in my living room at the Riv*. 

Okay fine, it wasn't a gig. It was a practice. In case we had a gig. But we didn't.

I think our fake band broke up because the other band members figured out I knew only 4 chords on my guitar. Or maybe because the songs I wrote with my four chords were so depressing it made them cry. 

I'm lying again. 
I'm the only one who cried.

Those songs were fantastic. I should record them like Joe and his boys did. But then I'd have to give all the copies away for free, because who wants to pay for only 4 chords?

I think the Christmas songs are better.

* The Riv (The Riviera) is a seedy apartment complex in Provo, quite near to the BYU. Not for even a moment of the 2.5 years I lived there did I ever feel like I was on a tropical vacation. 

You should leave me comment now.


Heidi Ashworth said...

You are so totally delightful! (that makes me sound like I'm way older than you, huh?) (Sadly, I'm way older than most of these bloggy gals, yet I still have 7 year old. Scary). So . . . does this mean I'm entered? Also, you said you would advertise stuff in your sidebar? Would you advertise Miss D for me? (but only if you meant it!)

Gini said...

I love song #2. Please let me know if/when they are singing at the Temple this Christmas season.

wonder woman said...

love giveaways. and christmas music. and the Riv!! My husband lived there for the 6 weeks he was attending the Y as a single man.

kitchenditcher said...

Wow...I feel so dangerous. Never knew that I lived in a seedy place. I love this new side of me.

Anonymous said...

La, la, la, LA!! {{That's supposed to represent my feeble attempt at harmonizing...or at least, hitting some sort of respectable note in this hemisphere...}}

A Capella Music Rocks. Just thought I'd share that with you. Most definitely, count me in!

Frumpy Luv said...

You ARE awesome and the Riv is classic!!

Joe said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Kel!

Claire said...

You do seem to be pretty awesome. I love it when I've tidied my house. I sit in it waiting for folk to cme over, and marvel at how Stepford I am. But nobody does. Not until it's a total wreck, and then they marvel at how on the edge I am.

i was in a band for a day. I was the keyboard player in a band called Backtrack. Well... we talked about it. Had we actually got off our patoots, we WOULD have had a band called BAcktrack and I WOULD have been the keyboard player. And we WOULD have been good.

Lorie said...

Very nice! But I think I want to win a CD of YOUR songs with Joe.

And singing at the Temple! That is big time! ;D

Melissa Bastow said...

I think you are awesome - brushed teeth or not. Also I would totally buy your 4 chords!! Really. Really really really really really. Ok, am I entered like 30 times- because what is the point of sucking up if I'm not entered a lot? REALLY?!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Seeing as how we only have about a one-month long cyberish relationship, I would feel a little psycho and stalker-like to go on and on about how awesome you are, but I TOTALLY will if it helps. :) (I do think you're cool though. Please don't get a restraining order.)

Keyona said...

I'd take a clean house over cleaned teeth anyday....guess I'd better get happy with my gums 'cause my house is a mess.

Love your blog!

Motherboard said...

You rock my world... does that get me 10 more entries??

This music rocks my world... and I want a CD. {{wonders if my powers with The Force will work on this...}}

chantal said...

Enter my name!!!! You are awesome. I'm not just saying that. You are. I love your blog!

chantal said...

I linked your giveaway in a post.

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